Overwhelmed by Outdated Tech? Managed IT Can Help

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Technology is great--except when it's not. Older systems and hardware become slow, unreliable, and frustrating with age, and replacing them can be equally stressful. If you're buried under outdated tech, you might be looking for a way to escape--and that's where managed IT comes in.

Lexmark Elevates Enterprise-Level Security and Full-Solution Support with the Addition of the Lexmark MX432adwe for Small Workgroups

LEXINGTON, Ky., Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Lexmark, a global imaging and IoT solutions leader, today announced a new black-and-white multifunction printer (MFP) that will meet the small workgroup demands of the printer fleet with full solution support and enterprise-level security. The Lexmark MX432adwe offers scalable solutions support via the embedded solutions framework including the ability to support third-party card readers.

Ricoh showcases latest innovations and technology with immersive experiences at PRINTING United 2022

EXTON, Pa., Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- (PRINTING United 2022, booth #N1928) -- Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced its lineup of innovative services and solutions that elevate print output, enable organizations to expand into new markets, and deliver more customer value at PRINTING United 2022. Ricoh's booth will be staffed with experts highlighting applications and workflow processes that pair today's most advanced digital technologies with print to unlock the power of information and uncover profitable new opportunities for business growth.

RICOH Supervisor™ and RICOH ProcessDirector™ Integration wins PRINTING United Alliance 2022 Pinnacle Product Award

EXTON, Pa., Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced that its RICOH ProcessDirector™ and RICOH Supervisor™ integration received a coveted PRINTING United Alliance 2022 Pinnacle Product Award for Software - Variable and Transactional. The winning entry can be found online at the Pinnacle Product Awards Gallery.

How to Manage SMB Data Security

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As a small business, it's tempting to think you're safe from hackers. Unfortunately, the truth is that you're sometimes more of a target than larger companies--and that means you need to get creative when it comes to data security. Here's what to know!

IT Management for the Hospitality Industry

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Managed IT services might seem like something that belongs in an office building, but the truth is that this solution belongs anywhere technology is part of your work. That means managed IT is a great fit for the hospitality industry--and here's why.

Why Does the Hospitality Industry Need Managed IT?

Managed IT services is more than an outsourcing solution. It's your opportunity to choose a capable, professional provider to help handle the twists and turns of a fast-moving tech environment.

Ricoh enables more business opportunities for offset and digital printers with new RICOH Pro VC70000e

EXTON, Pa., Aug. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ricoh USA, Inc. today announced the launch of RICOH Pro VC70000e, the newest model within its award-winning continuous feed portfolio. This latest addition boasts advanced hardware, software and workflow enhancements including Ricoh's proprietary undercoating technology, which allows printers to produce photo books, luxury catalogs, and more with the sharpness and precision required for such high-end applications.

Your Guide to Managed IT Penetration Testing

Concept of simulating cyber attack on software, penetration testing

What is penetration testing and what does it mean for your business? Can a managed IT provider perform a penetration test? What are the benefits?

If these questions have been plaguing you for ages, you've come to the right place. This is your guide to managed IT penetration testing (and why it matters for your business). Let's get started!

How to Know When It’s Time to Scale Your Print Fleet

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It’s tempting to want to keep printers in the office until they conk out. After all, you want to get your money’s worth out of them.

But here’s why it might be time to upgrade: Printing costs skyrocket as equipment becomes outdated. For one, getting replacement parts will be harder to find when any components break down.

Because of this, the cost of replacement and time it takes for a new part to arrive can be a major setback on budget and efficiency.

Printer Security in Older Devices

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Without thinking twice, people take reasonable measures to protect themselves and their belongings. For example, we lock the door when we leave the house, we put lock codes on our phones, and our internet is password protected. When it comes to online privacy and security, people tend to think of things like password stealing, unwanted phone calls, and email phishing scams. While these are valid threats to be aware of, there is another danger that often goes unnoticed. Old printers.