Cloud Services

The evolution of the internet has greatly changed how businesses can deliver various products and services to clients. However, one of the most lucrative benefits for business owners to date is the fact that you can purchase industry-changing services on-demand straight from a webpage. Services that do not require additional equipment, hardware, or software downloads are called “cloud services.” These services are aimed to provide quick, accessible, and affordable business solutions without the need for hiring additional staff, traveling to separate locations, or installing even more hardware. Most individuals use cloud services without even being aware that they are doing so, whether it is through email, document collaboration, online gaming, and more.

At HGi Technologies, we offer the award-winning support of Veeam—one of the most complete cloud storage and data protection solutions to date. Veeam will enable your employees to store and transfer any necessary data and applications as needed, while also seamlessly providing quick and easy access to every asset living in the cloud servers.

Why Should We Have Cloud Services?

Cloud services are managed entirely through exterior vendors. This negates the need for your company to supply all of the expensive and complicated hardware necessary to support and store any extraneous company assets or applications.

In addition, there are three main benefits of cloud services:

  • Flexibility: Through cloud services, you can procure services as needed. Any specified assets and applications routed through the cloud services will be available on-demand from anywhere that you are without the need for fully operational office locations.
  • Scalability: Since the cloud service provider hosts all necessary software and infrastructure components, companies can avoid having to hire additional IT staff and invest their own limited resources towards managing a service. This allows a company the flexibility to scale solutions as user needs change without having to worry about flunking hardware investments and more.
  • Lower Costs: Most cloud services are provided in either monthly or annual subscriptions. This eliminates the need to keep up with the on-premises licenses that are needed to utilize certain software. In addition, your company can avoid investing in the necessary infrastructure to access needed software, storage, and more.

Which Cloud Services Do We Offer?

Our team at HGi Technologies provides several expert IT services and an army of microservices to customize to your business needs. You can find out more by visiting our IT Services page, or by scheduling a free consultation with one of our award-winning customer service representatives today!