Business Continuity & Security

While many business professionals seem content in keeping cyber security as an afterthought, the success and continuity of your business efforts have been proven to be directly correlated to the strength of your cyber security efforts. Keeping this in mind, we would never advise waiting until your company has experienced a security breach before seeking protection against cyber threats.

HGi Technologies provides a fully-realized, proactive business continuity and cyber security approach powered by a top-notch IT Support Service and an award winning customer service team. We act as both your virtual IT support service and Chief Information Officers, while providing insight vital to the longevity of your business model.

Why is Business Continuity & Security Important?

While business continuity and business security have various overlaps, there are distinct differences. The pursuit of business continuity is more focused towards how events will affect revenue generation for the company, while business security is responsible for understanding how events will affect the organization’s overall infrastructure including technology—which directly results in lost revenue or worse.

What Business Continuity & Security Services do We Offer?

System Monitoring:

HGi Technologies remotely monitors the security health and status of your network.


In the event of a breach, or suspected breach, we will immediately inform the appropriate contacts of all known details, in addition to providing continuous support throughout the event.

Health Check:

We will assess the health of your security services using established techniques and present our findings on an established interval. The information we gather will be vital in creating and maintaining customized, effective security measures.


Our off-site cloud clients provide effortless backups for any and all assets, applications, and more which are accessible via any internet connection to employees with the correct credentials. This is vital in the event of a catastrophic data wipe, security breach, and more.

Staff Augmentation:

For specified projects and parameters, HGi will provide the necessary staffing for projects and business objectives by supplying individuals with the skills needed for success.


Our team will assist in refinding and creating action plans specific to business needs.

Project Management:

The HGi family is composed of expert project managers. Should you need to delegate the overview of one or many IT operations, we have your back.

Performance Analysis:

We provide expert and disciplined observations that can be applied towards enhancing team performance.

What Other IT Business Solutions Do We Offer?

Our team at HGi Technologies provides several expert IT services and an army of microservices to customize to your business needs. You can find out more by visiting our IT Services page, or by scheduling a free consultation with one of our award-winning customer service representatives today!