Managed Services

Managed services are considered to be any business-related tasks and responsibilities that are outsourced to another company with the intent of improving business operations for the client. At HGi Technologies, our specialized managed services aim to provide superior business and security solutions for your company. Our primary mission is to provide personalized business solutions and security services in areas that you may not have the time, knowledge, or resources to oversee personally.

Why Do We Need Managed Services for Business & Security

As a start, cyber threats are continually evolving, which means that no single defensive measure can last forever. To stay ahead of the game, you will have to change and evolve even faster than the cybercriminals themselves—which is no easy task. That’s where hiring HGi Technology’s managed security service comes in. First, we review your entire business framework to target and identify all pain points, vulnerabilities, business risks, and potential threats. Then, we apply all of that critical information towards developing a personalized action plan to protect and secure your business assets.

In addition, we provide several services specifically designed to ensure successful business processes through very similar insights. As a result, you will have the option to utilize our expert backup services, replication services, and plan development strategies to ensure that your assets, files, programs, and more are in capable hands.

What Managed Services Do We Offer?

Security Assessment:

We will intricately assess your present security limits using various specialized methods.

Security Tools:

We provide our clients with the software and programs that would most benefit their company while ensuring top-notch customer service to guide your business through the various new processes.

Penetration Testing:

This is a nuanced technique used to assess the strength and effectiveness of your current security services. Penetrative testing is done by simulating malicious bots, software, or cybercriminals to probe all aspects of your current security protocols. This allows us to identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Backup Services:

To mitigate the business risks associated with permanent file or asset loss due to interruption, catastrophic failure, or security breach, we offer premium backup services. These services store your information in secure offsite locations and refresh at specified intervals to ensure file integrity, while also being accessible to any internet-connected devices through secure credentials.

Replication Services:

These services allow the ability to share group policies, logon scripts, and more to your entire virtual domain. This is essential in professional business environments.

Plan Development:

We will create a customized technology plan to establish actionable items to ensure all identified security and business risks are mitigated.

What Other IT Business Solutions Do We Offer?

Our team at HGi Technologies provides several expert IT services and an army of microservices to customize to your business needs. You can find out more by visiting our IT Services page, or by scheduling a free consultation with one of our award-winning customer service representatives today!