Mobile Workflow

Mobility is no longer just a buzzword. Your mobile workflow is as important as ever — by creating unprecedented efficiencies, it is changing the nature of work. Today’s workers carry smartphones, tablets and laptops that connect them with colleagues and job tasks wherever they go. Mobile workers are not only ubiquitous but expected: If your company doesn’t have or can’t accommodate them, you’re not really running with the pack.

Instant Access with Mobile Workflow

HGi Technologies can help your company make the most of your mobile workforce and give executives and professionals the instantaneous access to information they need to make important decisions in the field.

Our mobile workflow solutions allow you to view important documents and manage processes on the go such as:

  • Document Scanning
  • Accessing Documents
  • Printing
  • Reviewing and Approving Documents

No matter your location or mobile device, HGI Technologies can improve mobile workflow for your business.