Workflow Automation for Hospitality

Submitted by Tech Support on Mon, 02/20/2023 - 10:58
hotel guests checking into hotel with technology in use

Just about any business can benefit from workflow automation, but it's also true that every industry has its own unique needs and challenges--and so does every individual company. That's why we're putting the spotlight on different industries to see how workflow automation rises to the occasion.

Today, we'll look at hospitality to find out how workflow automation helps create "home away from home" for guests (and better work experiences for employees). Let's get started!

Hospitality: Why Workflow Automation Matters

First, let's ask the big question: Why does workflow automation deserve a place in the spotlight?

The simple truth is that everyone is looking for a more automated experience these days. Automation brings simplicity, lower costs, and better experiences--but it also showcases a certain level of digital competency that modern businesses absolutely must possess.

Let's take a look at the importance of workflow automation from three key perspectives:

  • Employees

Employees don't want to spend their time on repetitive, mind-numbing tasks. Workflow automation takes care of the "boring" stuff so everyday operations can be smoother, simpler, and even more fun--which better positions hospitality organizations to win loyal workers in a tough hiring landscape.

  • Leadership

Hospitality is greatly influenced by outside forces, which means leaders always need to keep an eye on "the next big thing." Workflow automation doesn't just align with modern trends such as increased flexibility and digitization; it also saves money, simplifies processes, and keeps guests and employees loyal to the brand.

  • Guests

Guests want to know they're signing up for simple, stress-free experiences--and workflow automation has a lot to do with that. While they may never see automation in action, they'll certainly feel the benefits when employees are more available to answer questions and solve problems or when digitized processes streamline the check-in and check-out experience.

A Look At Workflow Automation for Hospitality

Workflow automation takes many forms, especially in the hospitality industry. Here are just a few examples of how this solution can be applied:

#1: System Integration and Communication

Even in the age of total integration, it's not uncommon for hospitality organizations to have separate systems. Rather than having employees manually move data from a booking platform or website to a revenue or inventory tracker, workflow automation can act as a streamlined "bridge." Automated processes capture and communicate data across different systems, enabling real-time updates and ensuring that decisions are always made based on the latest info.

#2: Sales Simplification

Because the hospitality industry serves so many different needs, the sales department must be particularly flexible. Luckily, workflow automation makes this possible by allowing the sales team to adapt based on customer expectations. For example, to support group bookings, workflow automation allows sales experts to see real-time availability and highlight dates and rooms that will keep the whole group together.

#3: Guest Experience Management

These days, experiences are key to keeping loyal customers. Workflow automation makes it easier than ever to create top-notch experiences. It all starts with simpler booking and check-in processes. Once guests have settled in, workflow automation can capture notes and preferences, then assign relevant tasks to the appropriate employees, eliminating the risk of asking guests the same questions over and over. If visitors have a question, workflow automation makes it easy to ensure they reach the right team member and get their answer as quickly as possible. Finally, when it comes time for check-out, automated workflows simplify the experience and get guests on their way.

#4: Marketing

Workflow automation is a marketing miracle. It can help identify and re-target website visitors, send relevant information to potential guests, and even provide special offers to previous customers to encourage another stay. These automatic processes free up your marketing department to focus on creating more material or researching target audiences for better results.

#5: Hiring

When it comes to hiring, workflow automation is a big deal. With the proper training, systems can automatically read application submissions and look for keywords, relevant experience, helpful skills, and more. It's also possible to teach workflow automation systems to identify and eliminate "bot submissions" or other digital issues.


Workflow automation is a great fit for industries of all shapes and sizes. Today's spotlight proves that workflow automation is especially powerful in the hospitality industry--not just because it's what guests expect, but because it helps employees stay happier and more productive.

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