Get the Most from Your Production Print Runs


Like any other print program, production print comes with its own set of challenges. However, also like most things in like, with proper planning and the right tools, these print obstacles can be overcome.
Here are some tips for tackling your toughest production print problems.

How Managed Print Can Help Lawyers and Attorneys


While many business sectors rely heavily on print, law firms and attorneys print a vast number of documents daily. The amount of copies they produce is not only staggering but so are the security requirements related to the data contained in those files.
While today’s printer and MFPs enable us to do more, they also open the door for security breaches. Like any business, legal offices would greatly benefit from managed print services.

Document Management Versus Content Management


When it comes to business management systems, it seems like there is one for every possible challenge and keeping them all straight can be tricky.
Since it has been around longer, document management tends to get more attention, but what about content management? What is the difference between CM and DM? How do they compare, and how can you benefit from both?

Save Time and Money with AP Automation


While it is not always fun, paying bills is a business necessity. Unfortunately, many small-to-medium-sized businesses lack the resources to create automated Accounts Payable (AP) workflows. AP automation can help you get a handle on your revenue and invoices while conserving cash and saving time.

How Production Print Can Help Your Business


Every business has specific print needs. And if you are creating high-volume jobs, production print is the solution for you. Production printers can complete more print jobs in less time, lowering your expenses, and using fewer resources.

Is Production Print Right for You?

To determine whether or not your business needs a production printer, take a look at some numbers:

Save Money with Managed Print Services


The Greek philosopher Heraclitus pointed out that the only constant in life is change. This expression applies to so many areas of life, but especially technology, which is continually and rapidly evolving. Changes to technology affect your business and your workplace, particularly when it comes to print.
If you have multiple devices that are on different networks or not communicating effectively with your other office technology, managed print services is the ideal solution for your business.

Tips for Data Capture and Document Success


When it comes to document scanning and data migration the devil is in the details. Capture and content management are critical to ensuring your data is accurately transferred to digital.

The Data Challenge

As many organizations know, document scanning and capture can be challenging, especially if you are trying to organize your data so that it can be easily retrieved later. Regardless of where you are retrieving data from, HGi Technologies can help you with a reliable and efficient process.

Is Your Company Paying Too Much for Invoice Processing?


Are you paying too much to process invoices? A recent study by the American Productivity & Quality Center indicates that companies without an established AP automation and invoice processing solution pay as much as $10 to process just one invoice. Let's take a look.

Why Choose In-House Production Printing


Sending your documents out to a professional printer may be business as usual for you, but if you spend a lot on production print and related costs, it's worth your while to re-examine this process. Regardless of your line of business, there are many reasons to consider bringing your production printing in-house. Not only can you save on time and expenses, but printing in-house also allows your company to retain full control and ultimately be more satisfied with the end result.

How Managed Print Companies Deliver Savings Opportunities


Do you have a clear picture of how much your organization spends on printing? The associated costs go beyond paper and toner, extending to equipment costs, service level agreements, maintenance, and parts. On another level, expenses incurred to order and manage supply inventories, address issues like paper jams and error codes, and recover from equipment downtime must all be factored into the equation.

It's easy to see how print costs can be much higher and more difficult to control than many companies realize.