A Project Plan for Content Capture

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Content and capture are important aspects of a business, especially when you are taking part in a bidding process, or if your company depends on content management.

3 Ideas to Boost Customer Experience Through Content Management

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Content management is closely tied to customer experience in any industry. Knowing how high-quality communication can impact business growth and customer interaction is key to staying competitive.

Starting Off Right with Accounts Payable

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When you invest in automation, you don't want to get stuck with a software program for accounts payable that doesn't work. Nothing would set your business back faster than something that can't deliver.

Automating processes like accounts payable can benefit your business. Still, you need to get quality, easy to use software the first time around, so you don't let two-thirds of your software investment go to waste as many companies do.

Take a moment to line out the planning and implementation process to get your AP automation right the first time.

5 Questions to Ask About Production Print

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Investing in production print is a big deal for your business. You'll want to be ready for growth because using production print for advertising and sharing your story and business products can get the word out faster and with lower in-house costs.

Investing in in-house production print is more efficient, cheaper, and safer than outsourcing your production printing.

4 Ways to Cut Print Costs

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There are opportunities to streamline print environments across many industries. Streamlining print operations means saving money, improving workflows, and making print work better at your business.

If there's one clunky process that your company could fix, wouldn't print make a big difference?

It does - some large businesses can save millions of dollars every year by adding managed print to services that they've streamlined. Four simple ways managed print fixes cost issues, which are lined out below.

Enterprise Content Management – Explained

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Let's talk for a moment about capture and content management - two business systems that are probably on your radar but maybe are not entirely understood by everyone.

Enterprise content management is a system that manages all documents in an organization. This is a digital form of storage, where all Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and images are digitized and organized in a system that makes sense to all users who require access.

How AP Automation Improves Business Operations

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Operations depend on many different aspects of a business running smoothly together. One thing that your business can’t keep running without is accounts payable and fiscal processes.

Did you know that you can automate these? Accounts payable (AP) automation is an electronic workflow that saves money, ensures timely payments, and increases staff productivity.

6 Things to Remember When Investing in a Production Printer

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Production printing can sometimes seem like a burden, so businesses get in the habit of outsourcing it and ignoring the cost. Is this you? If so, take a few seconds to reconsider this – it probably costs you way more than you think.

Production Print Explained

In-house production print is purchasing a high-volume, top-quality printer that can create large scale orders, marketing materials, graphics, projects, and more just as fast and professionally as a printing company.

How Managed Print Equals Savings for Schools

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Managed print is one of the services that creates savings for businesses in the simplest places. The ROI on an expensive print situation is…well, not high at all.

However, investing in a managed print program means that your business can save approximately 30% on print expenses and use that money for something more substantial.

This is especially relevant in educational institutions, where savings can equal more supplies and better resources for students. If saving on print would help your school, read on for more, and let's talk.

Document Management and Backup Solutions

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These topics go together – document management and backup solutions. But, they are not the same thing, as some people think they are.

Document management is the process of converting your office operations, communications, and workflows to entirely digital processes. The service involves digitizing old files, organizing systems, and creating a streamlined process to continue.