Bypass Paper with AP Automation and Invoice Processing


You can't control how invoices enter your business, but you can control how you handle them once they've arrived. If paper-based AP strategies are a source of bottlenecks and pain points, read on to find out how electronic AP automation and invoice processing solutions could benefit your business.

Why Your HR Department Must Eliminate Paper


A recent M-Files study revealed that while businesses have access to electronic workflow solutions, paper is still present in the office. Knowledge workers still print documents unnecessarily, and the problem is exacerbated when business leaders fail to implement organization-wide electronic solutions for approvals and signatures.

3 Ways Managed Print Services Adds Up to Savings


Is your print environment an overlooked opportunity to save money? It's not unusual for businesses to be in the dark when it comes to their print spend, but the omission comes at a high cost. The expenses associated with printing documents and managing a print infrastructure often take a close third to office space and utilities.

PSIGEN Software Solutions for SalesForce Users


Document capture and content management can be a challenge for any organization, but new solutions are paving the way to address them. For SalesForce users, there's good news in the form of PSIGEN Software, Inc.'s, PSIsafe Cloud Connector. Here's a look at what PSIsafe offers and what the collaboration with SalesForce could mean for your organization.

Is it Time to Try AP Automation and Invoice Processing?


Traditional paper-based or desktop AP processes aren't doing your business any favors. From production bottlenecks and massive amounts of paperwork to data entry errors, there are fewer and fewer reasons for companies to put off AP automation and invoice processing. Automating accounts payable can give your business more time for other tasks, and the right AP automation and invoice processing system can save you some money as well.

4 Critical M-Files Mobile Workflow Solutions Benefits


If you've enabled a document management system and have embraced process automation, you're on the right track. You've eliminated the slow-downs associated with paper-processes and desktop file storage and replaced them with incredible new efficiencies.

There's one more thing your organization needs to be truly agile. M-Files Mobile workflow solutions can take your productivity improvements to the next level.

How Managed Print and Savings Go Hand in Hand


Have you been wondering whether hidden forces are slowly eating away at your revenues? You're not far off in your assessment; hidden printing costs could be slicing 3% to 5% of your yearly profits. If you're in a document-intensive sector like law, healthcare or education, those percentages could be a lot higher.

3 Ways to Radically Improve Your Outlook for 2019


Are your document capture and content management solutions up to the challenges of a new year? A digitized world won't wait long for you to catch up, and a new year's commitment that includes transforming the way you manage information can make all the difference.

Here's how an effective document capture and content management strategy can radically improve your company's chances of success.

3 Reasons to Switch to AP Automation and Invoice Processing


Do your goals this year include process automation? That's a wise decision and one that will pay substantial dividends for your business. Even so, attempting company-wide automation in the hopes of solving all of your process problems at once could be a mistake. For a majority of companies, a slower start is recommended.


West Palm Beach, Fla. – (December 3, 2018) – – West Palm Beach-based business icon, Halsey & Griffith, and its office technology subsidiary called HGi Technologies, announce an agreement with America’s Office Source (AOS) for Halsey & Griffith Office Supplies and Furniture division. Halsey & Griffith is making this change to better align the company’s focus with its primary revenue stream: providing technology solutions to businesses.