Overwhelmed by Information?


In today's information-saturated digital landscape, it seems impossible that business leaders and knowledge workers often feel as though they're still in the dark. More than half of the information you may be seeking falls into "dark data" categories, so there's little wonder you're spending more and more time searching for it.

Identifying the Challenges

Here's a look at why it's becoming so difficult to locate data, and even more challenging to protect it.

Managed Print and Savings—How the Magic Works


You may have heard rumors that managed print and savings go hand in hand. Fortunately for your organization, those rumors are true, and managed print routinely delivers on their objectives to save businesses money.

3 Ways to Achieve Success With Your New Capture and Content Management Solution


Have you tried adopting a document capture and content management system only to see it fail before getting off the ground? Follow-through is a common problem when implementing new solutions, so finding the source of the failure is the best way to move forward.

Here's a look at how you can ensure your capture and content management solutions brings the desired results.

3 Benefits of Repository-Neutral Mobile Workflow Solutions from M-Files


The push to adopt digital processes is ongoing. With more businesses leveraging digital technology to reap the benefits of a mobile workforce, the need for robust mobile workflow solutions is greater than ever.

Why It’s Time to Shed Some Light on Your Rising Print Costs


Are your printing costs staying on budget? Or perhaps, more importantly, do you have a way to find out? For many companies, printing costs are the last great unknown.

Small Business Capture and Content Management


Small businesses are making tremendous inroads in the U.S. business economy. As part of a growing class of more than 1 million small businesses, the U.S. marketplace depends on your success almost as much as you do.

As your business grows, you need smart capture and content management solutions that cater to your small business needs. PSIGEN is one such solution, with flexible, scalable strategies that can help your small business grow and succeed.

Frustrated With Your Manual AP Processes?


There are substantial advantages to automating your company's accounts payable processes. By relying heavily on paper documents (and 75% of companies still do for their AP and invoice processing), your company could be missing out on:

M-Files—Intelligent Information Management for Your Mobile Workforce


Is your company ready for the next wave of mobile workers? If you hope to attract the best talent in the coming years, you'll need to get prepared now. Mobility is here to stay, and businesses with the best mobile workflow solutions are in a good position for growth.

How Managed Print Services Deliver on Savings


Are you familiar with the basics of Managed Print Services? Simply defined, Managed Print Services provides professional management of print environments, including equipment maintenance and procurement, supply management, print tracking, and workflow optimization. The process begins with an assessment of fleet condition and usage and continues with ongoing monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvements.

Reduce Document Storage Costs with Azure Blob


Is your organization searching for convenient, affordable, secure document storage? For SMBs, on-site hosting can be cost-prohibitive. Azure Blob may be the right choice for your organization for cost-effective content management. Here's why.