How Marketers and Designers Save Money with Production Print


Designers and marketers know just how costly any type of print mistake can be. Since advertising and marketing print projects often comprise up to 90 percent of total production costs, there’s no room for errors.

Since mistakes can devastate a budget and ruin a project, there are a lot of checks and balances in place before a large-sale project moves to production print. Checking colors, mediums, and print methods are all part of the process.

The Many Ways to Save with Managed Print


Most businesses adopt a managed print program to help get a handle on their print fleet and expenses. The great news is that managed print and savings go hand-in-hand.
In truth, the majority of companies save up to 30 percent or more on their print costs with managed print. Here are some of the many ways to maximize managed print and savings.

Maximize DM with Capture and Content Management

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Document management is designed to help streamline your business operations and keep things running smoothly. Maintain a competitive edge by taking advantage of the many document management tools available, like document scanning, import, processing, and capture and content management.

Information Capture

Document scanning and capture can be challenging, especially when it comes to organizing all of the captured data.

Get a Handle on Invoicing with AP Automation


Well get it, life is busy. And when you run a business, certain tasks get put on the back burner. Often, AP automation and invoice processing are bumped to a lower priority. But, don’t fall into that trap. AP automation can help you get a handle on invoice processing and cuts costs, which can prompt organization-wide improvements.

Recycling Production Print Materials


For some businesses, production print is the lifeblood of the organization. And, just about every business is looking for ways to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Go “Paper Light” with Managed Print Services


With all of the recent discussion of going paperless, many businesses have discovered that it is not the most realistic business approach. The latest trend, according to Forbes, is “paper light.”

The Best New Capture and Content Features from PsiGen

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When it comes to document scanning, capturing text and content is critical to the success of your document management.
We talk a lot about capture and content management and how the right program can ease the burden or transferring your files to digital and elevate your business functionality.
With the latest release, Psigen has added even more user-friendly features to their suite of offerings like PsiCapture and PsiSafe.

Stay Secure and Compliant with AP Automation


As technology continues to evolve, so too do processing needs and demands. Regardless of what industry you serve, keeping your customers happy and secure is more important than ever, especially if you are handling privileged data.

The healthcare industry is constantly dealing with private data, security compliance, and ever-changing regulations. The ongoing need for reliable solutions has led many in the healthcare sector to turn to AP automation for help.

Top Tips for Purchasing a Production Printer

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Although moving to the digital landscape is quite trendy these days, many businesses rely on print to run their business.

Managed Print — Go Green, Save Green


The biggest benefits of managed print are the savings — financial and environmental. That’s right, MPS is a great way to go green and save green. Let’s take a look at managed print and savings as well as managed print and environmental conservation.

Managed Print and Savings

Of course, when businesses think about implementing managed print services, they are most enthusiastic about the cost savings.