5 Questions to Ask About Production Print

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Investing in production print is a big deal for your business. You'll want to be ready for growth because using production print for advertising and sharing your story and business products can get the word out faster and with lower in-house costs.

Investing in in-house production print is more efficient, cheaper, and safer than outsourcing your production printing.

Bringing production print in-house means that you don't have to wait for projects to get ahead in the queue, you don't have to pay rush or change fees, and your ideas and business information stays in your company until it's ready to go out in the world.

Investing in a production printer is, like many things, an up-front cost. But after that, you'll see savings by creating fast, quality copies in color, on any media.

Tell Your Story

Why would you need a production printer? Every business uses print to share your story and establish your brand. If you're not aware of how much you might be spending on production print, pull some reports, and you could be surprised. It's time to reevaluate that cost by bringing it inside your company.

Top Five Questions

As you're researching production print and looking to make a purchase, you'll want to ask a potential vendor partner the below questions.

If they don't follow up with some questions about your company and your needs, they may not be the vendor you're looking for. Make sure it's a two-way discussion.

  • Will it impact quality?
  • Are there volume restrictions?
  • What is the cost per page?
  • How does it compare to outsourcing costs?
  • What would savings look like for us?

Production Print Saves

High volume, crisp in-house printing can save money, time, and clients. It’s a big deal to go in-house, but you won’t regret it. Get started with the right team at HGI Technologies.