Managed IT Supports Remote and Hybrid Work

Submitted by Tech Support on Tue, 01/24/2023 - 12:29
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Managed IT isn't limited to any single physical space. Instead, it's as broad and far-reaching as your business itself--which means that, wherever you do work, managed IT is there to help. So what does that mean for remote and hybrid work? Let's find out!

Managed IT, Modernized

Back in the day--that is to say, before 2020--most companies assumed managed IT services was best suited for in-person, on-premise work. It makes sense; after all, most technology is at least somewhat reliant on hardware, which is generally housed in your business's physical location.

But everything changed when Covid hit.

As companies scrambled to change their approach, managed IT was evolving, too. Although most providers were familiar with working in the digital world, they made the shift right alongside businesses like yours--and now managed IT is just as remote and hybrid as you are.

What does that mean for managed IT as a whole? Simply put, you can expect your tools, solutions, and troubleshooting to be fully accessible wherever work takes you. That means remote employees will be just as connected and supported as on-site workers, and they'll have a consistent experience no matter where their office is. Better yet, you'll have visibility and control over all of it, enabling you to support your modern approach to work.

How Managed IT Prepares You for Remote and Hybrid Work

How does managed IT services prepare and support you when remote or hybrid work become the norm? Here are a few important trends and solutions you can enjoy with managed IT:

A Stronger Culture

Your company culture likely isn't built around IT, but technology has a big role to play in who you are and how you work. That's why managed IT can take a more important role in helping shape your culture in remote and hybrid structures. For example, if you value flexibility and understanding, managed IT helps you live up to those promises by enabling employees to complete work in ways that best fit their environment and schedule.

Asynchronous Communication

Remote and hybrid work have changed the definition of "being on the same page." These days, you need a way to bridge tasks and responsibilities between different locations and even time-zones--and that's where managed IT can help. By giving you better, easier ways to access data, track changes on documents, leave comments for coworkers, and delegate tasks, managed IT makes asynchronous communication feel like a breeze.

Upskilling and Training

Labor shortages and skill gaps make it difficult to empower your workforce in all the right ways. However, your most loyal employees are looking for ways to help--and upskilling and advanced training are perfect opportunities. With managed IT, you can create and implement digital training courses that aid in knowledge transfer, test workers' skills, and teach the ins and outs of vital tasks. You'll be able to remotely monitor and manage employee progress and even have video meetings or training courses whenever (and wherever) you need.

Cloud-Based Everything

The cloud was a valuable tool before the shift to remote and hybrid work, but now, it's vital. Managed IT helps you shift any remaining paper-based or physically limited processes into the digital world by enabling you to choose the cloud solutions that make the most sense based on how you operate. You'll also have help transitioning data, training workers on new approaches, and finding unique ways to make the most out of existing cloud investments.

Smarter Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a huge part of remote and hybrid work--but as digital criminals get smarter, your responsibilities get more complicated. Managed IT can help you identify vulnerabilities in your disparate workforce, implement solutions that work across multiple locations, and remotely monitor for any red flags or suspicious activity. The result is a cybersecurity approach that's built around your "new normal"--and that's much better than trying to adapt outdated or otherwise inefficient solutions.


Managed IT is a perfect fit for remote and hybrid work. That's not because managed IT has abandoned its roots in hardware and tried-and-true approaches; it's because providers made the switch to remote work right alongside other businesses, which means they know all the challenges and solutions. Managed IT helps bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds--even if those worlds are far apart.

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