Print Security in the Financial Sector

hands working on laptop next to printer with tax documents

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, print security remains a critical concern, especially in the financial sector. The confidential nature of financial information, combined with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, necessitates robust measures to safeguard sensitive data. Managed print solutions emerge as a strategic avenue to address these security concerns comprehensively.

Workflow Automation for Enhanced Efficiency in Financial Institutions

person working on laptop, overlay of financial growth and automation conceptual icons

Financial institutions are under constant pressure to handle complex processes with precision, maintain compliance, and allocate resources strategically. This is where the transformative power of workflow automation, provided by HGi Technologies, comes into play.

Is Managed IT Worth It for Small Businesses?

two people working on laptops, phones

Small businesses don't necessarily have small needs, and you certainly don't have small challenges. What you do have is unique needs--and not all tech and workflow solutions are designed to fit. Is managed IT services in the same boat, or can it be a good match for your business?

Let's find out.

Managed Services Providers for Healthcare Organizations

healthcare workers with paper, tablet, and desktop computer on desk

With lives literally on the line, there's no room for inefficiencies and frustrations in healthcare workflows. Fortunately, staff and medical experts don't have to deal with these issues alone. Managed services providers can adapt to healthcare needs and improve working environments in more ways than one. Here's what that looks like and how to choose a provider who keeps their promises.

Workflow Automation for Healthcare

doctor holding tablet, technology concept hologram overlay

Healthcare work is undoubtedly critical, but that doesn't mean it all has to be done by hand. Workflow automation solutions can help healthcare organizations eliminate repetitive manual tasks and save time for more important work. Here's what to know about automation and what it means for the people saving lives.

How Managed Print Saves Schools Money

teachers chatting at printer in school hallway

It's true that budgets are important in every organization, but schools in particular know that every dollar needs to be stretched as far as it can go. That's why over-ordering and, consequently, overspending on print supplies can be such a significant problem.

Here's what every school needs to know about print supply problems and why managed print is the ideal solution.

How Managed Print Equals Savings for Schools

piggy bank on top of books in front of full chalkboard

While it might be tempting to think that big savings only come from big changes, that's not always the case--especially in the education industry. Little shifts in unexpected places can make a big difference, and so can steady updates to processes and tech environments. It all starts with your school's printers--and that's where managed print services comes in.

How to Calculate the Cost of Inefficiency

calculating costs and using pie charts

When you're part of a business, costs are a fact of life; cost inefficiencies don't have to be. Today, we'll break down why the difference matters, how to catch and calculate cost inefficiencies, and how you can eliminate these problems once and for all.

Costs vs. Cost Inefficiencies

You've likely heard the old saying, "You have to spend money to make money." It's a gentle reminder that business costs aren't necessarily the enemy--but wasteful practices, bad habits, and other inefficiencies are.

The Educator's Guide To Leasing Office Equipment

teacher at copier reviewing lesson plan

Educational institutions often have tight budgets and large student bodies, so decision-makers must be creative when choosing solutions. One potential way to get more by spending less is to lease office equipment--so here's your guide to making it happen.

A Quick Look At Leasing Office Equipment

It's easy to look at all the latest printers, copy machines, and other office equipment and feel like there's no way your school could ever afford it. Fortunately, that's where leasing comes in.

Workflow Automation for Hospitality

hotel guests checking into hotel with technology in use

Just about any business can benefit from workflow automation, but it's also true that every industry has its own unique needs and challenges--and so does every individual company. That's why we're putting the spotlight on different industries to see how workflow automation rises to the occasion.

Today, we'll look at hospitality to find out how workflow automation helps create "home away from home" for guests (and better work experiences for employees). Let's get started!