Cutting Costs with Green Ideas, Part 1

Depending on quality, paper cost ranges from ½ to 1 cent per sheet. Consider all the savings, both environmental and fiscal, that your organization could realize from defaulting all of your printers to two sided printing.

Real world examples have reduced paper utilization by as much as 30%. How much would that strategy save your company in 2011 paper costs? How many fewer trees would your printers use in a year?

Printing Facts

Ricoh's Toner Recycling Program

Ricoh's Toner Container Return Box Program makes it easy for you to maintain a green office by recycling your empty toner containers. Simply purchase Ricoh's shipping box and postage label for easy return to their recycling facility. Your empty toner containers will be sustainably recycled with nothing going to landfills.

Cost Cutting Tip

Did you know your fax enabled MFP can forward your incoming faxes to an email address?

Your business can save click charges and paper costs by having your Halsey & Griffith technician set up your Ricoh MFP for inbound fax routing.

All those menus and marketing faxes you don't need cost you money and time. Contact us between now and Nov 31st and we will set you up at no charge.

It's our little contribution to your business' success and the local ecology for the Holiday season.

How to Reduce Printing Costs

If you're like most companies, you're looking for ways to reduce the cost of printing. One simple way you can cut printing costs is by taking advantage of Windows' printing defaults.

If you have any color printers in your business, this is a simple step that you and any business manager should take to greatly reduce the use of color toner. You probably don’t notice, but just about everything on your computer is in color. Spreadsheets and PDF’s, all of your email, and everything on the Internet is in color.

Tech Tip: Printer Troubleshooting

One of the most frustrating problems is when your printer won't print from the tray you choose.

This is a problem that usually happens when you are working with a Microsoft Word file that you did not create. Printer tray settings embedded in the Word documents that travel from computer to computer are typically to blame for this frustration.

These print settings within Microsoft Office will override the print driver settings so that no matter what paper source you choose in your print driver, your document will print to the tray specified inside Microsoft Word.