Reduce Document Storage Costs with Azure Blob


Is your organization searching for convenient, affordable, secure document storage? For SMBs, on-site hosting can be cost-prohibitive. Azure Blob may be the right choice for your organization for cost-effective content management. Here's why.

Managed Print Savings Opportunities for Retailers


Do you have a clear picture of your retail company's printing costs? Do you know how many printers and copiers make up your fleet and how they're being used? Do you know how many prints each retail location generates in a month's time? Each of your retail locations depends on their printing equipment for daily operations, but lack of oversight may mean you're missing out on a long list of savings opportunities.

4 Questions SMBs Have About Document Capture and Content Management


Have you wondered whether a document capture and content management is right for your organization? We understand your hesitation. Any investment in new technology is bound to pose some questions. Here are four we hope we've answered for you.

What’s the big deal about Managed Print Services?

Today’s business environment is fast-paced and hyper-competitive.  Businesses can either keep up or risk completely falling behind.  Managed Print Services (MPS) can reduce costs dramatically and improve employee productivity allowing more time and effort on strategic initiatives.

10 Business Certificate Templates You Can Print for (Mostly) Free\


Do you have an employee, student, or membership appreciation program? Looking for some free and low-cost certificates that you can print in-house, but that look professionally designed?

We've rounded up a list of printable business certificates that you can get for a song:

Ricoh Announces New Secured Interactive Whiteboard

Ricoh unveiled their new Interactive Whiteboard D5510 at InfoComm 2015 being held in Orlando through June 19. The D5510 is their latest big-screen interactive whiteboard that enables collaboration with more than 160 onsite and remote participants at once.

It's ideal for a wide range of presentation and collaboration activities, including all-inclusive corporate strategy sessions, architectural reviews, education, interactive  training sessions, legal team case development and much more.

Tech Tip: Safe Copier Shutdown

Should you find it necessary to shut down your Ricoh copier, the proper shut down procedure begins with the main power button. Depending on what machine you have, this will either be a blue or green button and will be located at the top, right hand side of the operation panel.*

Hold the button down for three seconds and then release it. The button will begin to blink, and the copier will start going into a state similar to Energy Saver mode. Once the button stops blinking (or in some cases after about 45 seconds) then turn off the copier at the red power switch.

Toner: To Shake or Not To Shake?

Remember that commercial from a few years back where the fresh-faced office intern tells a co-worker that the printer is out of toner, is advised to "shake it", and then shakes the printer instead?

Despite this newbie mistake, it's pretty common knowledge among office environments that shaking the toner cartridge will help squeeze out a little more ink. Let's face it, copier and printer toner can be expensive. So why not do everything you can to save your company from undue print costs?

Ricoh's Toner Recycling Program

Ricoh's Toner Container Return Box Program makes it easy for you to maintain a green office by recycling your empty toner containers. Simply purchase Ricoh's shipping box and postage label for easy return to their recycling facility. Your empty toner containers will be sustainably recycled with nothing going to landfills.