Time to Bring Production Print In-House?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 02/19/2020 - 08:13
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Is this a question you’ve been asking yourself as a business manager? Or is this a new concept – bringing production printing back in-house? Either way, it’s time to raise the issue.

Digital printing used to be expensive, it was cost-prohibitive to procure the equipment, and it required a professional on staff to initiate and monitor printing.
Times have changed, and printers have come a long way.

Now, technology is driving production printing back in-house, as high-volume digital printers have become more affordable, and the process is much more user-friendly.

Why Businesses Take on Their Printing

Businesses are taking their printing back in-house for a variety of reasons. Some key benefits include cheaper print equipment, faster turnaround times, more efficient and cost-effective printing, and prioritization.

Essentially, there may be extensive fees you are paying your printer if you need to rush a job, change the order of the project queue, make edits, or other printing issues. With your digital press, you can make those changes and not suffer any of the cost consequences – which add up over time.

Production Print Makes Sense

Production print is easy to manage in-house. Your employees can get trained quickly on the user-friendly equipment and by pairing with a reliable vendor partner.

You can manage your print costs quickly and ensure that every project is done precisely as you want, in the right order, without wasting money to get there.

Reinvesting in the Process

This is an excellent benefit of overseeing your production print. You can find ways to simplify the process and save money in addition to cutting costs around materials in a variety of ways. Production print might be better in-house. If you’re ready to look into it, talk to HGI Technologies.