How Managed Print Companies Deliver Savings Opportunities

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Do you have a clear picture of how much your organization spends on printing? The associated costs go beyond paper and toner, extending to equipment costs, service level agreements, maintenance, and parts. On another level, expenses incurred to order and manage supply inventories, address issues like paper jams and error codes, and recover from equipment downtime must all be factored into the equation.

It's easy to see how print costs can be much higher and more difficult to control than many companies realize.

There's a Solution for That

Managed print providers are enthusiastic when it comes to savings. They've developed solutions to help companies just like yours lower printing costs, improve productivity, and reduce print-related waste with amazing results. Here's how managed print services and savings as high as 30% come together as a natural result of their expertise.

The Essential Managed Print Assessment

Managed print partnerships begin when experts analyze print infrastructures, obtaining a baseline from which to start providing cost-lowering solutions. They may recommend restructuring the print environment, removing underperforming equipment and realigning the fleet to serve team requirements and workflows better.

Savings Opportunities

As managed print experts begin fine-tuning the print environment, they take over day-to-day responsibilities and start implementing cost-savings opportunities throughout the organization.

  • Low-toner alerts trigger automatic supply shipments. By eliminating the hassle of ordering and managing supplies, this just-in-time solution saves time and money.
  • Remote equipment monitoring provides managed print technicians with opportunities to correct potential issues before they become more serious. This proactive method reduces equipment downtime and gives staff members access to optimized equipment.
  • Managed print companies monitor print volumes and implement solutions to reduce waste.

There's more to learn about the link between managed print and savings. Contact us at HGi Technologies for the full story today.