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If you are looking to reduce your reliance on paper and digitize your office, look no further than document scanning. While many businesses would love to convert their files to digital data, they are intimidated by the perceived time, cost and hassle involved. However, with capture and content management software like Psigen and Psisafe, you can easily transform your business.

Optical Character Recognition

When it comes to document scanners, optical character recognition (OCR) is an essential technology. When you scan hardcopy documents, even handwritten notes, OCR recognized and captures characters so that once saved, the digital document is searchable.

Without OCR, you can scan and save documents, but they will simply be digital versions of the paper document. OCR transforms the capture and content management process, converting your paper files into dynamic, searchable documents.

How Legal Businesses Benefit

While any business can benefit from OCR-optimized scanning and capture, those with vast amounts of specific data, such as law firms are a prime candidate for Psigen and Psisafe technology.

The most obvious reason is that OCR takes legal documents that would otherwise be unsearchable and changes them so that they are easy to index, store, and search. Using a content and capture management system, law firms can scan and store notes, rulings, case files, testimony, and more from all of their cases, enabling you to access them later without spending hours digging through folders and file boxes. This approach saves time, increases productivity, and reduces overhead costs.

Managing Multiple Formats

Whether you are a lawyer or not, chances are you have a lot of different files in various formats. While you may typically work in Word documents, most document scanners will convert files to PDF. Plus, you most likely have digital images and files sent from clients that might be JPG, PNG, or another format.

All of these different formats can be confusing and inconvenient — especially if they all pertain to a single case — making cross-referencing or comparing them to a logistical nightmare. Data extraction with OCR, such as Psigen, enables you to compile different file formats into one, creating a straightforward casefile that is simple to search and manage.

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