Reduce Document Storage Costs with Azure Blob

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/06/2018 - 12:51

Is your organization searching for convenient, affordable, secure document storage? For SMBs, on-site hosting can be cost-prohibitive. Azure Blob may be the right choice for your organization for cost-effective content management. Here's why.

A Low Cost Solution

Worried about paying upfront for hardware, hosting, and licenses? Azure Blob storage eliminates those costs. Unlike some other storage repositories, users don't pay up front for storage—only for what they use. And since there are no servers to maintain, you won't need to bring additional IT staff on board.

Another money saver is Azure Blob's cool storage solution. Let's say your organization is required by compliance mandates to retain archived documents for several years. You don't need immediate access to these archived files, but you do need to capture and retain them for a specified time. Since the cool storage solution costs less than the hot storage you need for immediate access to current documents, you'll spend less money to store your archived documents.

Streamlined Integration

PSIGEN's document capture and content management solutions have added an Azure Blob integration. PSIGEN customers can scan, capture and publish data directly to Blob storage repositories, and by eliminating time-consuming manual data entry, content management becomes even more streamlined and cost-effective.

Does your company use Office 365 and SharePoint? PSIcapture has provided seamless integration with both, bringing added value to document capture and content management with Azure Blob storage. And Microsoft Azure server users can reduce costs even further by deploying PSIcapture, avoiding the costs of on-site servers altogether.

Robust Security

Security is top of mind for any organization, and Azure Blob storage doesn't compromise. Blob storage repositories are not confined to one database—a more secure solution than the alternative—and data encryption is included for all users.

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