4 Ways to Cut Print Costs

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There are opportunities to streamline print environments across many industries. Streamlining print operations means saving money, improving workflows, and making print work better at your business.

If there's one clunky process that your company could fix, wouldn't print make a big difference?

It does - some large businesses can save millions of dollars every year by adding managed print to services that they've streamlined. Four simple ways managed print fixes cost issues, which are lined out below.

Overview: What is Managed Print

Your business can benefit from insight into what your printing needs are, and how much you are spending on costs like ink, toner, and IT.

Managed print takes care of this by completing a print analysis and discovery, implementing cost-saving strategies, managing supplies, and then tracking costs and providing extensive reports back. As far as saving on print goes, this will make a massive difference for your company. Don't be surprised if you save up to 30% on print once you invest in managed print services.

Managed Print and Savings - 4 Ways to Cut Costs

How exactly is this 30% savings discovered?

1. Uncovering inefficiencies

Managed print teams to complete a print audit to pinpoint redundancies or inefficiencies that can be resolved.

2. Optimizing print strategy

Print strategy matters. By looking at consolidating devices, establishing best practices, and updating policies, your print environment will be more structured.

3. Streamlined supply ordering

Managed print systems automatically order supplies when needed.

4. Evaluating results

Check-in on cost visibility and usage to understand where your print costs are and how it looks in the future.

Streamline Print Today

There's no better way to cut your print budget to something realistic and start saving than to invest in top-notch managed print services. HGI Technologies is the team for you – get in touch to get going.