How Managed Print Can Help Lawyers and Attorneys

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 05/15/2019 - 11:48

While many business sectors rely heavily on print, law firms and attorneys print a vast number of documents daily. The amount of copies they produce is not only staggering but so are the security requirements related to the data contained in those files.
While today’s printer and MFPs enable us to do more, they also open the door for security breaches. Like any business, legal offices would greatly benefit from managed print services.

Saving Time and Money

Managed print is an excellent choice for many reasons — cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced security being chief among them. Since lawyers bill by the client and by the hour, any administrative savings are particularly helpful when cutting overhead, non-billable expenses.
Managed print also helps with overall information management and efficiency. Improved data processing and retrieval can prevent expensive bottlenecks and improve client relations by handling details and keeping things running smoothly. Clients want their lawyers focused on winning their case, not worrying about overhead.

Safeguarding Data, Protecting Clients

Because they’re particularly susceptible to hacking and security espionage, law offices would greatly benefit from the additional layer of security provided by MPS. The security of client data cannot be taken lightly, and savvy firms outsource their print security to professionals who are experts at navigating the security controls of modern print devices.
Exploiting your vulnerable print devices is just one-way hackers aim to access your network data. Managed print can protect your printers, scanners, copiers, and multifunction devices as well as the data processed by them.

Regardless if you are a lawyer, architect, or small business owner, the value of your private data should never be underestimated. Learn more about managed print security and savings.