PSIGEN Software Solutions for SalesForce Users

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 15:20

Document capture and content management can be a challenge for any organization, but new solutions are paving the way to address them. For SalesForce users, there's good news in the form of PSIGEN Software, Inc.'s, PSIsafe Cloud Connector. Here's a look at what PSIsafe offers and what the collaboration with SalesForce could mean for your organization.

PSIGEN & PSIsafe Benefits for Your Organization

PSIGEN's PSIsafe document capture and content management solutions improve the way organizations manage and capture both paper and digitally-formatted documents. PSIGEN offers solutions that prioritize lower costs, improved compliance and security procedures, and greater efficiencies for organizations of all types and sizes.

Flexible, scalable, and easily integrated with industry-leading multifunction systems, scanners, fax servers or network folders, PSIGEN software provides user-friendly solutions to businesses and organizations worldwide. For SalesForce users, the benefits are impressive.

  1. Seamless integration — Access the benefits of PSIsafe directly from your Salesforce customer relationship management account.
  2. Real-time access — Access PSIsafe Cloud storage repositories, accounts, and contacts in real time via SalesForce.
  3. One-step access to critical documents — Gain greater efficiencies by giving your team instant access to essential documents via SalesForce. Seamless integration means there are no extra steps to take—employees and managers can pull up stored contracts, correspondence, agreements, etc., directly from within SalesForce.
  4. Enhanced security — Access PSIGEN's state-of-the-art security solutions, improving confidentiality at all levels. Role-based permissions allow authorized users the access they need to critical documents directly within SalesForce while preventing access to unauthorized persons. Retention protocols and version controls help keep information current.

The partnership between PSIGEN document capture and content management solution and SalesForce can give your team access to powerful new features for improved productivity and security across your organization. To learn more, contact us at HGi Technologies for a demonstration today.