How Managed Print Services Deliver on Savings

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 12:51

Are you familiar with the basics of Managed Print Services? Simply defined, Managed Print Services provides professional management of print environments, including equipment maintenance and procurement, supply management, print tracking, and workflow optimization. The process begins with an assessment of fleet condition and usage and continues with ongoing monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvements.

Beginning with Savings

Most organizations engage Managed Print Services providers to implement print-related savings. They're rarely disappointed—MPS companies follow through with solutions that cut printing costs by as much as 30%. Where these savings originate and how Managed Print professionals bring them about can transform organizational workflows and decision-making processes. Here's how.

  1. The assessment stage: Not sure how much you spend on printing? Most businesses professionals don't have the time to find out, but when Managed Print companies step in, hidden costs don't stand a chance. The average print spend reaches to 3% or more of annual revenues, but MPS cost-saving measures can get those numbers back where they should be.
  2. The workflow stage: Hard costs may be easier to calculate, but print-related workflows that hinder productivity also factor into the equation. Managed Print providers uncover hidden bottlenecks, restructuring printer fleets to mesh with company processes. You'll see more savings when your newly streamlined fleet isn't bogged down by redundant devices, equipment downtime, and workflows that are more work than flow.
  3. The management stage: Experienced Managed Print providers continuously take the pulse of company print environments. They remotely monitor your printers and copiers, responding before issues impact productivity. They also keep a close eye on print volumes, implementing solutions to keep waste at bay, and on-time supply deliveries mean no more missed deadlines due to empty toner cartridges.

There's more to learn about the benefits and savings found with Managed Print Services. Contact an HGi team member to schedule your free print assessment today!