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How to Make Business Information Work for a Tech Savvy Workforce

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The impact of technology on the workforce over the past 10 years cannot be overstated. More workers are working tens to thousands of miles away from the traditional office. Not to mention that millennials are becoming the largest generational group in the workforce. Both shifts have created issues within organizations. Many companies are struggling to find resolutions – is yours?

Generational Shift

Millennials have grown up with technology, making this generation more likely to expect it in the office and make use of it to help them perform their jobs more efficiently. However, they are not the only age group interested in using technology in the workforce in this way. This view is shared by 46% of 20-29 year olds but also 40% of those aged 60 and up according it a CompTIA study.

How Much is Paperwork Really Costing You and Your Company?

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If you were to go about creating a cost analysis of your company’s daily paperwork, you would think it’d be a pretty straightforward task. Maybe you’d add up how much postage, paper, and ink you’re using and assume that about covers it - however this is really just the tip of the iceberg. The full story can only be told by taking a long detailed look into every step of each of your paperwork processes.

Where the cost of manual paperwork really seems to avalanche is when you start to see the inefficiency and inconsistencies that may appear at every step of the process. Some of those inefficiencies can include:

Audits Made Easy – 5 Powerful Ways to Increase Compliance and Decrease Stress

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The week of December 28th brings stress in all ways, shapes, and forms. Most are dealing with the stress of the holidays — hosting family, sweating over the stove, deciding on new year’s resolutions are just a few examples of year-end chaos. However, there is a particular kind of stress certain professionals have during this time that can make you want to pull your hair out...end of year audits.

The end of the year comes with the balancing of spreadsheets, audit reviews, and other financial preparations in the hope that 2016 will start off without a hitch. In a perfect world, you’d have a foolproof, 3-way check, every-document-is-accounted-for process. However if your business is like most companies, this isn’t the case.

Is Your South Florida Business Prepared for Disaster?

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As Floridians, we all know that hurricanes are a natural part of living in a tropical paradise. We've grown accustomed to those summer trips to the hardware store to stock up on batteries, flashlights, generators, and whatever else we need to protect our homes and prepare for the storm.

And when the storm comes, we stay home, board up, hunker down, and play some Monopoly. When it passes, we go outside, clean up, and go back to work.

Unless, the office flooded. Unless all the customer files, contracts and accounting documents are trapped inside water-logged filing cabinets, or being wind-blown down I-95. The water will eventually recede, but the documents are lost forever.

How long would it take for your business to recover from such a loss?

Can M-Files Help Save Your Job?

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Let's face it, we've all made at least one horrible mistake at work we wish we could take back. Ever lost, misplaced, or worse, thrown away an important contract? It's enough to make you start sweating just thinking about it.

This funny video from our partners at M-Files shows just how desperate the situation can become when you're trying to recover a lost document. It's quite possible that M-Files can actually save your job!

What Paperless Document Management Can Do For You

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The term document management has been co-opted by so many different technologies and industries that it’s difficult to determine exactly what it means. Some businesses offer document management in the form of physical file storage facilities, while others use the term to describe paper shredding. When we at Halsey & Griffith speak of document management, we are primarily referring to technology developed to scan and organize your paper archives and remove the physical paper from your company’s processes.

The cost of these sorts of “paperless” solutions have come down drastically in the last decade, even as the technologies themselves have become more powerful. The conveniences and efficiencies afforded by document management technology have never been more attainable for small and mid-sized businesses. And the business scenarios that can benefit from converting to a paperless environment are varied and many.

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