SmartSearch Document Management Software, offered by Square 9, provides a comprehensive solution that caters to the needs of both departments and enterprise-level organizations. Its flexible nature allows businesses to easily scale and adapt their document management software as their requirements evolve.

Experience Seamless Scalability SmartSearch is an ideal choice for paper-intensive businesses, such as law offices, physician practices, accounting firms, trucking companies, and mortgage and title companies, seeking a cost-effective solution to eliminate their paper-based filing systems. This powerful software enables organizations to seamlessly transition from manual paper processes to efficient electronic document management.

Cost-Effective Solution With its unique scalability, SmartSearch offers the opportunity to incorporate enterprise-level document management software into your business without breaking the bank. Not only is it affordable, but SmartSearch also reduces your total cost of ownership. Its easy installation, intuitive interface, quick learning curve, and user-friendly support make it a cost-effective choice for any organization.

Effortless Implementation SmartSearch simplifies the transition from paper to digital in no time. While easily customizable to suit the unique needs of any organization, SmartSearch also provides out-of-the-box solutions for common business challenges. From accounts payable automation and employee onboarding to contract management, SmartSearch easily addresses a wide range of document management requirements.

User-Friendly Interface Gone are the days of struggling with document management. SmartSearch features a highly intuitive interface designed to make your life easier. Its user-friendly design minimizes training requirements and maximizes user adoption rates, ensuring successful projects with a lower total cost of ownership.

Seamless Scalability for All SmartSearch eliminates paper for organizations of all sizes, seamlessly scaling from small business applications to enterprise solutions. Its modular design not only scales up but also scales out, providing enterprise-class tools for web forms management, variable data printing, and workflow automation.

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