Security and Savings with MPS

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Document security is a genuine concern in today’s market. With constant concerns over data leaks and phishing scams, it can seem like threats are lurking around every corner. There are also financial and logistical considerations for business managers to contend with.

With managed print services you can tackle all of you print concerns, including security and fiscal.

Eliminating Security Concerns

When it comes to managed print and savings or managed print and security, there are comprehensive solutions that can address all of these concerns and more.

Document and print security comprise more than hacker attacks, and it can be as simple as eliminating the old “print-and-sprint.” The print-and-sprint is where an employee sends a file to print and then dashes to retrieve it off of the printer.

This is problematic for many reasons, particularly of the printed document contains private information, such as financial or HR. Anyone at or near the printer can see it before it is retrieved, the printing party might get waylaid and neglect it, and the vast majority of printed documents languish at the printer for prying eyes to see. Although that may not seem like a big deal, it is in fact, a major security violation.

MPS can eliminate this with user authentication measures and code requirements to retrieve a document at the device.

Savings and More

If we are looking at managed print and savings, there are also many ways that MPS can help. Especially since print is a sector with many variables and lots of hidden costs.

But with MPS, your company can save up to 30 percent on your printing costs and benefit from consistent, uniform pricing structure. Beginning with a print analysis, we will pinpoint areas for improvement and opportunities for savings, like eliminating redundancies and streamlining supplies.

There are many opportunities for managed print and savings from getting rid of outdated and underused devices to tracking all print activity to implementing updated print standards.

There’s not much that managed print can’t do in the way of helping to streamline your print operations, boost your savings, and safeguard your data.

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