PrintAudit 6

Reduce, Track, and Secure Your Printed Documents

As a Print Audit Premier dealer, we can offer for the first time ever, NO-RISK, subscription-based print management software.

No more up-front cost for software! Start seeing return on investment immediately. And if you feel like Print Audit 6 is not producing results, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Our goal is to help you reduce your total cost of printing. We strive to give you the tools, knowledge and support to eliminate waste, reduce cost per print and reduce your total paper usage.

Print Audit 6 is a powerful suite of print management tools that enables organizations worldwide to significantly lower the cost and environmental impact of printing.

Print Audit 6 is the most powerful print management solution in the world allowing your business to:

  • Automatically track 100% of your printing, including local, networked and direct-to-IP device.
  • Save money by revealing printing inefficiencies such as excessive printing to high-cost personal printers.
  • Ensure your most efficient printers are being used by redirecting jobs from high-cost to low-cost devices.
  • Maintain document security and regulatory compliance by implementing rules that can prevent confidential documents from being printed or inform you when they are printed.
  • Automatically track every print or plot produced in your environment by prompting for a PIN number, project code or client/matter number.
  • Automate 100 percent of your client billing processes

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Major Applications

  • Can be deployed in companies of any size looking to understand, control and save on user printing, copying, scanning and faxing costs
  • Facilitates charge-backs for copying and printing within an organization
  • Optimize existing and future printing equipment investments
  • Optional proximity card reader authentication provides device security and with most HID, Casi-Rusco, NexWatch ID cards


  • Identifies bottlenecks and inefficiencies on the network by providing a "snap-shot" of all printing devices, their volumes, and use costs
  • Notifies users (via custom pop-up messages) of print job costs and recommended printing devices and settings to reduce expense
  • Automates the process of allocating costs back to clients for printing, copying, scanning and faxing
  • Integrates with most corporate proximity card standards for security authentication, trouble free implementation for IT, and simple ease of use for users