Color Laser Printers

We offer your South Florida business innovative and affordable digital color production printers that empower you with the ability to explore creative applications that capture your audiences' attention. Available in 4th and 5th color station models with tools to help you boost efficiency, reduce costs, and increase your business' growth.

Our color production printers can finish more types of print jobs in less time, which can cost less and use fewer resources.

Keep more jobs in-house by taking advantage of intuitive controls, innovative five-color printing, and incredible versatility.

  • Produce up to 90 color pages per minute for faster transitions between jobs.
  • Use the 5th color station to offer more types of output at a lower price point.
  • Create images with up to 1200 x 4800 dpi resolution.
  • Print on more media, including traditional paper products, synthetics, envelopes, textures, and more.
  • Share information quickly with advanced scanning capabilities.
  • Advanced EFI Fiery E-83A Print Controller to manage every job with graphic arts quality and exceptional speed.

Plus, as South Florida's only PROS Elite 100 dealer, we ensure that your printers are running when you need them.

Let us help you find the right color production printer to fit your specific business needs.



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