Why Managed IT Fits Media & Entertainment

Submitted by Tech Support on Mon, 11/21/2022 - 10:16
Art director checking photographer's work on a monitor

Media and entertainment are two incredibly important parts of life. They keep us connected, informed, and inspired--and it's all because of companies like yours. However, while you're holding the world on your shoulders, who's holding you? The answer is simple: managed IT services.

The Value of Managed IT

To find out what managed IT is and what it does, let's start at the beginning.

Technology in Your Industry

While the inclination to share stories has existed for as long as humans ourselves, technology really changed the game, giving us the ability to reach broader audiences and engage with the world in ways we never thought possible. Think about up-and-coming entertainment avenues like virtual and augmented reality; in many ways, these are just platforms for the work you do--but they're the foundation upon which you build your content.

That means one thing: You're the bridge between creative and technological worlds. You bring them together so media and entertainment can benefit.

Of course, this is easier said than done. In many ways, creativity and tech are at odds--and if you don't have the right IT setup, you could be forced to choose one over the other. That's where managed IT services comes in.

What Is Managed IT?

Managed IT is an outsourcing solution--but look a little closer and you'll find so much more. In reality, managed IT is a partnership--one that puts you in constant contact with a team of tech experts. This is your provider, and they'll answer your questions, help solve your problems, and give you the tools you need to succeed in the media and entertainment industry.

Simply put, managed IT handles the tech so you can focus on the creativity.

Solving Media & Entertainment Problems

Like all industries, the media and entertainment worlds face unique challenges. Luckily, good managed IT providers can adapt to any business--not just by learning the ins and outs of the landscape, but by having real conversations to find out what you need.

Here are a few industry problems and their managed IT solutions:

Problem: Customer expectations

In media and entertainment, customers sometimes aren't sure what they're looking for until you provide it--but even so, they still have high expectations and specific demands. For businesses like yours, that often means acquiring technology at a rapid pace, all in the hopes of keeping up. The result can be a disjointed, difficult IT environment.

Solution: An improved tech stack

Managed IT services can help you take a step back and identify which tech solutions are the right choice for your path. Your provider doesn't just give their opinion; they'll work with you to identify IT trends and determine how to respond in ways that exceed customer expectations. For example, they might suggest consolidating your customer-facing solutions for a more united, cohesive experience--one that fully immerses users.

Problem: Downtime is particularly disruptive

Think about how frustrating it is to experience lag on your favorite streaming service. Customers feel this impatience with all kinds of delays in the media and entertainment world--even those that are caused by your company's tech instead of your company itself.

Solution: Maximize uptime with targeted solutions

The good news is that your managed IT provider can help you identify the core cause of downtime issues. No matter where they're coming from or how many other problems they cause, these weaknesses can be addressed with targeted solutions. The result is increased uptime for your systems, which means increased uptime for your customers as well.

Problem: Security isn't getting any easier

While the media and entertainment industries may not seem like the biggest target, hackers are always looking for creative new ways to trick unsuspecting companies. Your business needs to stay alert and protected without introducing new complexities for internal teams.

Solution: Simplify your security approach

Security may not be getting easier, but your approach can. With managed IT services, you'll have the insight you need to spot specific vulnerabilities and choose solutions that won't interrupt your processes, impact customer experience, or interrupt your creativity.


Managed IT services may be a great tool for any business, but it's particularly powerful for the media and entertainment industries. That's because it helps you do what you do best: bridging the worlds of technology and creativity.

Want a little help being that bridge? Contact us today to get started with managed IT!