Looking for IT Support for Schools?

Submitted by Tech Support on Mon, 12/05/2022 - 17:12
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Education is perhaps one of the most important parts of society. However, that's certainly not to say that it's easy. Schools of all shapes and sizes, including higher education, face a variety of unique challenges--especially when it comes to technology. Luckily, managed IT is here to save the day. Let's take a closer look!

Adapting Managed IT for Industries Like Education

Many organizations, including those in education, tend to assume that managed IT services is best suited for "office work." They figure that this solution is only designed to fit one type of operation--but the good news is that this isn't the case.

Instead, managed IT is adapted to fit every individual organization. The service is personalized on two levels:

  • Industry: A managed IT provider takes a deep dive into your unique industry, learning the challenges you face, the needs you have, and the people you serve.
  • Operation: Your provider learns about your individual strengths and weaknesses. They review everything from your tech setup and utilization to your long-term goals and user experience levels.

These levels of personalization are possible through a tech audit. This, perhaps, is where many organizations first begin to see how managed IT adapts to their unique setup. That's because you don't have to work in an office building for a tech audit. Your managed IT services provider can analyze your networks, devices, and security solutions no matter where they are or how they're used.

That's especially good news for schools. With staff, faculty, and students all sharing some machines and even bringing their own devices, it's important to have a complete view of the entire tech environment--and that's where the magic of managed IT begins.

Challenges And Solutions With Managed IT Services

Although managed IT services solutions begin with an audit, this isn't just about pointing out problems. Instead, your provider uses this information as a springboard to personalize their approach to your school's tech needs. They do this by employing a problem/solution method:

Problem: Outdated Technology

Many schools suffer from outdated technology without realizing they're suffering in the first place. That's because older machines and setups tend to convince you that they're "working just fine," which makes it easy to overlook the time and money it takes to keep them functional. Under the surface, however, these outdated solutions are draining budgets, adding complexity to your workflows, and limiting teachers and students to an unreliable tech experience. Even if you do realize your tech is dragging you down, you likely don't have the budgetary freedom to upgrade everything at will.

Solution: Scheduled and budgeted upgrades

Managed IT helps schools understand how their machines, connections, and networks are actually functioning. That means you'll be able to notice any weak links--and, more importantly, their impact on your workflows and budgets. With this information, you and your provider can identify the technology that's slowing you down the most. From there, managed IT solutions help you plan and budget for upgrades that will pay for themselves--that way, you can justify the costs and reap the rewards.

Problem: Skills Gaps

Faculty and staff, while incredibly skilled, don't always have the expertise to manage IT environments. When problems come up, they either spend hours searching the internet for a solution or have to find ineffective workarounds. This doesn't just impact their workday; it can also potentially take away from the value of students' educational experiences.

Solution: 24/7 support

With managed IT services, your school has a solution to just about every tech problem imaginable--all just a call away. Managed IT provides experts in a variety of tech fields, offering answers, troubleshooting support, and even repairs when necessary. That means your people can go back to doing what they do best.

Problem: Security Vulnerabilities

With so many variables to manage--including school email addresses, students using their own devices, and shared machines like printers--it can be difficult to take control of security without introducing inefficiency. Schools are often forced to choose between protecting their data (and fulfilling certain privacy requirements) or providing a smooth, effective experience for teachers and students.

Solution: 24/7 support

Managed IT doesn't just answer your cybersecurity questions. Your provider can also identify and eliminate weaknesses in your approach, setup, and more, helping you implement solutions that protect your school without undermining your efficiency.

In conclusion, managed IT and education go hand-in-hand--and it all starts with a tech audit.

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