How Mobile Workflows Create a Stronger Hybrid Team

Submitted by Tech Support on Mon, 06/13/2022 - 13:50
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In the aftermath of Covid-19, workforces worldwide have changed seemingly overnight. Businesses needed to quickly adapt to the idea of having a hybrid team, with a greater number of people working from home than ever before. This meant needing to come up with better software to accommodate the rapidly growing amount of remote workers, and with this, better software has been rolling out to rise to this challenge.

Mobile workflows have been a robust solution for companies looking to unify their office and home workers, creating a better way for teams to tackle critical projects. Here’s how mobile workflows strengthen hybrid teams and why your business should be adopting them.

What Is a Mobile Workflow?

As new technologies are developed, it’s becoming more evident that the hybrid workforce isn’t going away. In fact, it’s more likely that it’ll be expanding even more. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have created the ability for companies to deploy a mobile workflow to accommodate this new style of office work.

With a mobile workflow, you can access tasks, chats, and project information wherever and whenever you need it.

4 Ways That Mobile Workflows Increase Productivity

While there are many ways that your workflow can be greatly increased by adapting to mobile solutions, there are four key areas that are vital to the success of any business. Let’s take a look at how mobile is increasing productivity for remote and office workers.

Seamless Communication

We all know the struggles of running a smooth Zoom meeting, with the varying degrees of your team’s internet speeds and the signal lag that leads to people awkwardly speaking over each other. Until recent years, there was a feeling of being disconnected from your team if you weren’t in the office seeing them face-to-face. 

Mobile workflows eliminate the need for a fast internet connection and the challenge of scheduling a meeting that fits into everyone’s schedule. And while video chats will still be necessary to sync up on bigger project ideas, many video chats can be eliminated by simply direct messaging teammates with mobile apps. 

This allows for a greater sense of collaboration as your team can remain connected and easily accessible no matter where they are. 

Streamlined Workflows

It’s a busy world, and it only feels like the work pace is speeding up. This means needing a workflow that can keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle technology has created. While we’re commuting or away from the office, a mobile workflow allows us to stay connected to the team without needing a beefy computer by our side. And this extends beyond communication.

A mobile workflow can help you complete important tasks on the go, such as:

  • Document scanning
  • Accessing documents
  • Printing
  • Reviewing and approving documents

Greater Efficiency

Nothing bogs down work and cuts into profits like trying to manually manage day-to-day processes. Automation can help to organize the workflow and boost efficiency in things like:

  • Sales order processing
  • Expense approvals
  • Human resource onboarding
  • Document capture
  • Medical claims processing

And a wide range of administrative tasks. By turning these areas over to automation, you can free your employees up to handle the more critical processes in projects.

Improved Levels of Accountability

One of the biggest concerns for managers of a hybrid team is whether their employees will be productive working from home. After all, moving to a home office can come with a lot of distractions. However, this worry can be greatly reduced by addressing disengaged team members quickly. Mobile workflows can increase transparency and accountability for your hybrid workforce by keeping your team in close contact through mobile applications.

By automating and streamlining processes, you can increase transparency among team members and keep everyone on the same page. Each time an employee completes a task, managers will be automatically alerted the second they’re completed. 

On the flip side, if a deadline is missed, all team members can be notified immediately. This helps avoid miscommunication and keep projects flowing as they creep toward their deadlines. And since a mobile workflow improves transparency, your team will feel more accountable to stay on target.


With the ever-changing landscape of remote work and hybrid teams, your business needs a strong solution to handle the challenges of this new kind of workforce. By adopting a mobile workflow, you can embolden your team to have greater productivity levels than ever before. However, you’ll need an efficient plan in place to implement and sustain this style of work.

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