Get the Most from Your Production Print Runs

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 05/22/2019 - 11:48

Like any other print program, production print comes with its own set of challenges. However, also like most things in like, with proper planning and the right tools, these print obstacles can be overcome.
Here are some tips for tackling your toughest production print problems.

Challenge: Reducing Costs, Improve Turn-Around
Between print fees, training staff, and continual jobs, it can often feel like you are drowning in expenses. When it comes to reducing your expense and increasing turn-around times, preparation is key. Implement software solutions that enable you to send print-ready files, reducing the time spent in production and the associated costs.

Cluster printing — using multiple machines for a single job — makes printing more efficient, as does plan-ahead job scheduling, which allows operators to monitor, excite, and modify multiple print jobs as needed.

Challenge: Color Consistency
Despite the many advances in production printers, color consistency can still be a problem, leading to client frustration and endless adjustment.

Color calibration is critical to color consistency —to get what is on the screen to look the same way when printed. Designers may not be aware of the precise characteristics of the output device, which is why a trusted partner and production print expert are essential for overcoming color-related concerns.

Challenge: Meeting Today’s Demands
As technology and client demands evolve, so too do your workloads and responsibilities. Tight deadlines and more advanced designs can keep any print manager on their toes.
Client communication is essential in today’s marketplace; keeping your customers updated regularly can go a long way toward relationship building. A web-based print submission programoffers more client control, increasing turn-around times and reduces mistakes. Are you juggling multiple client demands? Opt for a multi-job submission channel to simplify order acquisition.

As you can see with the right printer and proper preparation, your business can surmount any production adversity. Learn more about in-house production print.