Enterprise Content Management – Explained

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enterprise content management concept

Let's talk for a moment about capture and content management - two business systems that are probably on your radar but maybe are not entirely understood by everyone.

Enterprise content management is a system that manages all documents in an organization. This is a digital form of storage, where all Word documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and images are digitized and organized in a system that makes sense to all users who require access.

Manager's Notebook

For managers, what does this mean? Enterprise content management establishes a process for capturing and securing your content so that your business can fun more smoothly.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) reduces the amount of paper workflow in your office; it organizes otherwise unstructured information and allows employees and businesses to make operations more efficient.

Also, from a manager's standpoint, better content management translates to better communication and collaboration between teams, because everyone is speaking in essentially the same 'language' online.

The systems simplify editing, version control, suggestions, and sharing processes, so your employees will be more productive just because it's more convenient for them.

Learning ECM

Some of the basics of Enterprise Content Management include digital capture, storing documents in an organized online repository, allowing access across devices, adding in automated processes, and the oversight of security.

It may sound like a lot of steps, but with the right vendor, it's simple, and your office will go from paper to digital and unstoppable with simple content management changes.

ECM and Your Business

Your ECM process is unique to your business, but don't start without professional consultation. If the whole topic is a bit overwhelming, begin with questions, answers, and research. Start by contacting HGI Technologies, where we'll wade through your questions with you. Let's talk.