A Project Plan for Content Capture

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researching capture and content management, creating a plan

Content and capture are important aspects of a business, especially when you are taking part in a bidding process, or if your company depends on content management.

There are tons of tools out there that try to make it easier and faster, but the real issue is that having a solid understanding of what you need and reliable, functional products can make a world of difference. Working with a reputable vendor like HGI Technologies provides you the opportunity to review your work plan with a professional team.

When building a capture plan or bidding on a project regarding content, some of the first aspects of a capture plan are customer and competitive research. You’ll want to understand what the customer is looking for and the goals, objectives, decision-making process, and more.

With that, you’ll want to analyze who you are working against. When you don’t know the competition, it’s a challenge, but you can estimate with a little research which companies you are about on par with for a project.

Capture and Content Management

Next in your project plan is to identify the strategy you are investing in. Determine your key points, pricing, problem-solving strategies, how you will attack issues as they arise, and how the customer will benefit from you.
Then, it’s time to move into the content!

Stepping Up Content Plans

Your content management plan is essential when considering the proposal writing process. Top priorities include version control, publishing access, and review process.

However, remember that content management can cross a lot of boundaries and may also impact your front end. Getting the best content strategy in the work plan means that what clients and customers see will also be top-notch.

Organized Oversight for Content Strategy

Starting your content strategy can build a system of organization that will help your business grow and innovate new solutions. The starting place is with HGI Technologies.