Save Time and Money with AP Automation

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 04/26/2019 - 15:10

While it is not always fun, paying bills is a business necessity. Unfortunately, many small-to-medium-sized businesses lack the resources to create automated Accounts Payable (AP) workflows. AP automation can help you get a handle on your revenue and invoices while conserving cash and saving time.

Eliminate Invoice Hassles

Do you have multiple invoices from different vendors piling up on someone’s desk? Do you wish you had a streamlined system to organize and expedite these payments? If so, AP automation is the perfect solution for your business.

With automation, you don’t have to worried about lost invoices, delayed payments, or late fees. Invoices can be emailed, downloaded, and routed to the appropriate person for review and approval without any hassles. Don’t get stuck in the “waiting for approval” loop; let automation pave the way to efficiency.

Plus, reoccurring and maintenance invoices can be indexed and approved for payment automatically, based on rules you set up. Automation can also check to ensure that invoices have the required back-up documents to do with them. This type of system saves so much time that your staff and vendors will thank you.

A Document Solution

Document management is a software-based strategy that makes easy work of sorting, organizing, storing, and tracking data. When you look at it, AP automation is essentially a tailored document management solution that enables you to get a handle on your payables.

AP automation lets you manage your invoices from a central location. Using metadata, you can easily tag and categorize invoices, allowing them to be routed and tracked. This system also eliminates the stress of lost or misplaced invoices — electronic audit trails keep track of everything.

With an automated accounts payable solution from HGi Technologies, you can systematize your entire payables process or just part of it — based on what works with your business processes and budget. Get started today with a consultation.