Why Your HR Department Must Eliminate Paper

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/16/2019 - 15:20

A recent M-Files study revealed that while businesses have access to electronic workflow solutions, paper is still present in the office. Knowledge workers still print documents unnecessarily, and the problem is exacerbated when business leaders fail to implement organization-wide electronic solutions for approvals and signatures.

For your organization's Human Resources department, failure to implement digital document management and provide employees with mobile workflow solutions can have far-reaching consequences. Here's a look at two of the related problems.

How Fast Can Your HR Department Find Information?

How does your HR department manage and store information? Traditional methods rely on employees to decide where a document should be stored, and locating it later is little more than a frustrating guessing game. M-Files solves the problem by reinventing the way HR departments store information. M-Files search queries are based on a document's content rather than its location. M-Files enterprise information management and mobile workflow solutions solve the problem of locating HR documents by eliminating time-consuming search processes.

Are Your HR Documents Secure?

Paper-based HR records have always been vulnerable. They can go missing, bad actors can copy or steal them for malicious purposes, and they don't stand a chance during a fire or flood. Businesses must adapt by embracing electronic document management solutions. Here are three reasons why you should care:

  • Compliance laws have changed the standard by which organizations should judge their document management processes.
  • With stringent security protocols now the norm, traditional paper-based document handling processes can't make the grade.
  • By looking at processes from a compliance auditor's point of view, HR decision-makers can easily see that outdated strategies cannot go forward.

M-Files enterprise information management and mobile workflow solutions can simplify and secure your organization's HR processes. To learn more, contact us at HGi Solutions today.