4 Critical M-Files Mobile Workflow Solutions Benefits

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 12/18/2018 - 15:21

If you've enabled a document management system and have embraced process automation, you're on the right track. You've eliminated the slow-downs associated with paper-processes and desktop file storage and replaced them with incredible new efficiencies.

There's one more thing your organization needs to be truly agile. M-Files Mobile workflow solutions can take your productivity improvements to the next level.

Increased Visibility

Project managers and administrators need to know what's going on with core projects. With so many staff members working outside of the office, strolling across the hall to check on project status no longer works. Mobile workflow solutions like M-Files Mobile Access allow managers new insight into projects, allowing for immediate responses when action is required. Mobile workflow solutions can also alert key employees when non-compliance events need their immediate attention.

Improved Data Capture

With mobile workflow solutions in place, your remote or off-site employees can capture data from paper documents without concerns about security — solutions like e-signing and scanning speed up processes that previously had to wait for a trip to the home office.

Less Time to Project Completion

When employees are tied to the office, much time is wasted going back and forth, waiting for documents to print, or meeting face-to-face. With mobile workflow solutions, collaboration is a simple process. Off-site and BYOD employees can touch base with key players, access and print critical documents, and move forward with projects whether they're working in the field or the office.

Improved Employee Accountability

Mobile workflow solutions allow companies to notify employees when a project is due, or their attention is needed to help a process move forward. With greater accountability, companies report improved productivity for employees working away from the office.

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