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West Palm Beach, Fla. – (December 3, 2018) – – West Palm Beach-based business icon, Halsey & Griffith, and its office technology subsidiary called HGi Technologies, announce an agreement with America’s Office Source (AOS) for Halsey & Griffith Office Supplies and Furniture division. Halsey & Griffith is making this change to better align the company’s focus with its primary revenue stream: providing technology solutions to businesses.

Founded in 1921 as Halsey and Griffith, Inc., the family-run company rebranded to HGi Technologies in 2015 to better reflect its status as the area’s leading technology provider for small and medium-sized businesses. HGi delivers practical, comprehensive solutions to help businesses improve workflow automation and increase efficiencies. The agreement with AOS will allow Halsey & Griffith management to allocate all financial and human resources toward increasing the scope and services associated with its technology solutions.

“Just like the invention of carbon copies 50 years ago transformed how businesses operate, it’s clear that the implementation of printing, scanning and document management services is leading our company’s growth now and in the future,” said J. Blake Siemon, HGi Vice-President. “Businesses are looking for paperless solutions at almost every level, and our expertise helps them achieve significant time and cost efficiencies while reducing workloads.”

AOS is an Orlando-based, family-owned office supply and furniture company serving all of Florida.  AOS will bring Halsey & Griffith customers a continued high level of service, technology, and focus for both supplies and furniture. AOS has a history of bringing independent dealers in Florida together to offer more robust products and service offerings.

Employees in Halsey & Griffith office supply and furniture division will have the opportunity to continue their employment and transition to work for AOS.

“Many of our employees have been with us for years – even multiple decades, and it was imperative that they be given the opportunity to continue with AOS,” added Siemon. “Our loyalties run deep in both directions at this company, and we expect that level of personal commitment from both perspectives to continue.”

HGi Technologies provides a range of cutting-edge solutions to South Florida companies, with a special focus on law firms and schools. Services offered include document management, workflow automation, managed print services, document scanning, copiers and printers and mailing solutions. The company designs complete business solutions that can save businesses hundreds of hours of manual processing time, relieving staff for other tasks. HGi is also able to provide business software for automating accounts payable, contract management, and employee information management to increasing efficiencies and profits.