3 Benefits of Repository-Neutral Mobile Workflow Solutions from M-Files

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/17/2018 - 12:31

The push to adopt digital processes is ongoing. With more businesses leveraging digital technology to reap the benefits of a mobile workforce, the need for robust mobile workflow solutions is greater than ever.

Addressing the Chaos

You're bombarded with digital information daily, both at work and in your personal life. If you're expecting relief, don't hold your breath—experts predict the volume to continue at the current pace, doubling every two years. To add to the chaos, systems, formats, and repositories are also growing at unprecedented rates. While you're trying to keep up with the changes, you still have a business to operate. Wasn't your document management solution supposed to make company workflows more productive?

Introducing M-Files Mobile Access

You may be accustomed to mobile workflow solutions where location and device don't matter, but now repository and format won't matter, either. M-Files Mobile Access provides your team with mobile workflow solutions that deliver unprecedented flexibility.

Here's what's in store when your company implements M-Files Mobile Access.

  1. Metadata driven productivity— M-Files leverages metadata to give users access to information no matter where it's hiding. By bundling documents to a single virtual folder or "view," users can better manage content, no matter the process or format.
  2. Repository neutral — Managing data through a variety of disconnected repositories and systems can defeat your organization's efforts to accomplish more through mobile workflows. M-Files is repository neutral, which means that it unifies the end-users mobile experience, giving streamlined access to data across all systems and repositories.
  3. Intelligent information management — Manage content with more success using M-File's AI-driven intelligent information management solutions. With instant access to information, no matter the format, your company's mobile workflow solutions will mesh into one, intelligent strategy that finally works.

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