M-Files—Intelligent Information Management for Your Mobile Workforce

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/20/2018 - 12:31

Is your company ready for the next wave of mobile workers? If you hope to attract the best talent in the coming years, you'll need to get prepared now. Mobility is here to stay, and businesses with the best mobile workflow solutions are in a good position for growth.

If your staff isn't already peppered with workers who connect with the office and your document management system via mobile devices, it will be soon. Here's a look at M-Files Mobile Access—one of a growing number of mobile workflow solutions your company should consider deploying now.

Intelligent Information Management

M-Files Mobile Access is the next logical step up from standard document management solutions to intelligent information management, and it's a step you'll want to consider taking. Here's why.

  1. Find information faster than ever. Your document management system provides fast access to information, but what if the document you need isn't where you expected it to be? Or perhaps your organization uses a variety of storage repositories and document management systems, and you aren't sure where to begin your search. M-Files relies on metadata to locate information, regardless of location. So, no matter where your information is stored, M-Files can provide instant access.
  2. No time-consuming data migration requirements. Is data migration on your to-do list, but you haven't gotten around to it yet? M-Files makes it possible to leave your data where it is, making it instantly accessible from any mobile device, regardless of location.
  3. Automate your workflows. M-Files isn't just a convenient solution for accessing information; M-Files also boosts productivity with automated workflow solutions. M-Files alerts key players when deadlines, approvals, or other actions require their attention, eliminating the problem of frustrating workflow hold-ups.

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