Tech Tip: Safe Copier Shutdown

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/13/2012 - 14:07

Should you find it necessary to shut down your Ricoh copier, the proper shut down procedure begins with the main power button. Depending on what machine you have, this will either be a blue or green button and will be located at the top, right hand side of the operation panel.*

Hold the button down for three seconds and then release it. The button will begin to blink, and the copier will start going into a state similar to Energy Saver mode. Once the button stops blinking (or in some cases after about 45 seconds) then turn off the copier at the red power switch.

This method will allow your copier's hard drive to stop and lock down properly and prevent any damage to it. Important data, like your address book entries and pre-programmed fax numbers and file folders, document server jobs, and user codes are stored here, and could be lost if the machine isn't shut down properly. Treat it like you would your PC and don't just flip the power off.

* Proper equipment shutdown is so important that Ricoh's newest generation of MFPs such as the Aficio MP C3502 have automated this process so that you can safely flip the power switch without damaging the hard drive.