M-Files—Intelligent Information Management for Your Mobile Workforce


Is your company ready for the next wave of mobile workers? If you hope to attract the best talent in the coming years, you'll need to get prepared now. Mobility is here to stay, and businesses with the best mobile workflow solutions are in a good position for growth.

How Managed Print Services Deliver on Savings


Are you familiar with the basics of Managed Print Services? Simply defined, Managed Print Services provides professional management of print environments, including equipment maintenance and procurement, supply management, print tracking, and workflow optimization. The process begins with an assessment of fleet condition and usage and continues with ongoing monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvements.

Reduce Document Storage Costs with Azure Blob


Is your organization searching for convenient, affordable, secure document storage? For SMBs, on-site hosting can be cost-prohibitive. Azure Blob may be the right choice for your organization for cost-effective content management. Here's why.

Managed Print Savings Opportunities for Retailers


Do you have a clear picture of your retail company's printing costs? Do you know how many printers and copiers make up your fleet and how they're being used? Do you know how many prints each retail location generates in a month's time? Each of your retail locations depends on their printing equipment for daily operations, but lack of oversight may mean you're missing out on a long list of savings opportunities.

4 Questions SMBs Have About Document Capture and Content Management


Have you wondered whether a document capture and content management is right for your organization? We understand your hesitation. Any investment in new technology is bound to pose some questions. Here are four we hope we've answered for you.

What’s the big deal about Managed Print Services?

Today’s business environment is fast paced and hyper competitive.  Businesses can either keep up or risk completely falling behind.  Managed Print Services (MPS) can reduce cost dramatically and improve employee productivity allowing more time and effort on strategic initiatives.

10 Business Certificate Templates You Can Print for (Mostly) Free\


Do you have an employee, student, or membership appreciation program? Looking for some free and low-cost certificates that you can print in-house, but that look professionally designed?

We've rounded up a list of printable business certificates that you can get for a song:

How Users’ Print Habits Can Impact Printing Expenses


Printing can be quite costly, especially when you consider the number of documents printed each day. An individual document consisting of one or two pages, doesn't seem like it would have a big impact on printing costs. However, when you estimate the price per printed color page at between three and ten cents in an environment where hundreds of pages are printed everyday, the cost mounts quickly.

Why Your Business Should Join World Backup Day


World Backup Day is March 31. Be honest, when is the last time your business backed up it's important data? Doing business in South Florida means natural disasters are a given, so not backing up your data regularly, or having a disaster recovery plan really is playing with fire.

Beyond weather-related data disasters, corruption caused by hardware or human failure, malware and cyberattacks can put your data in serious danger.

The Benefits of Working with a Local Office Technology Provider, Part Two: Service and Support


How do you determine which office technology provider really offers the best service?  I’m pretty sure every salesperson says, “We have the best service. We are unique since we have 4-hour or less response time. For high volume its 2-hours and for companies like yours, it may be as low as 1-hour…..blah blah blah."

Sounds impressive. As a buyer it is probably safe to assume you've heard every possible pitch about service. So how can you really tell what you're signing up for?