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Work Together the Easy Way

Throughout our years serving South Florida’s businesses, we have seen how our customers struggle to collaborate with colleagues on important documents. File sharing and collaboration can quickly become disorganized and chaotic, particularly when trying to co-author a document with several co-workers.

Inefficient file folders, emailing copies across organizations, and even hard copies of documents, can make it very difficult to determine which version is the most recent.

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), these disparate storage methods can create an average of 19 copies of any particular document. No wonder the typical professional spends up to 50% of their time looking for the right information!

We can help you work together more easily!

Check out this video to see how M-Files takes the chaos out of document collaboration.

  • Collaborate on documents no matter where they are stored.
  • Edit them with colleagues simultaneously in realtime.
  • No more fear of overwriting changes or losing data.
  • No more fumbling with multiple outdated versions.

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