How Users’ Print Habits Can Impact Printing Expenses

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Printing can be quite costly, especially when you consider the number of documents printed each day. An individual document consisting of one or two pages, doesn't seem like it would have a big impact on printing costs. However, when you estimate the price per printed color page at between three and ten cents in an environment where hundreds of pages are printed everyday, the cost mounts quickly.

Printing documents that don’t need to be filed in hardcopy form will needlessly drive up printing costs. Just imagine if users printed somewhere around 500 sheets per week in color, not giving any thought to the amount of ink being used. This could total over $2,600 a year.

How to Use the Power of Hyper-Personalization in Print Marketing

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Marketing departments, CMOs, and ad agencies are always looking for ways to keep consumers engaged with their products and brands. One crucial aspect of building meaningful relationships with customers is developing highly personalized communication that speaks to each individual customer or prospect.

Using hyper-personalization in your print marketing campaigns takes into consideration consumers' very different needs and preferences, and creates highly meaningful, effective communication that sparks connections and influences behavior.

The folks over at Direct Marketing News stress the importance of understanding the role of print and production in achieving hyper-personalization, and recommend these 4 tips to drive the effectiveness and efficiency of your next direct marketing campaign:

Add Some Spark to Your In-House Marketing Pieces

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Late last year, Ricoh released a unique new line of digital color production systems that's a real game changer.

The new Pro 7100x is Ricoh’s first 5-station digital color production print system with the ability to print Clear and White Toner. This advanced system changes the Ricoh playing field, and expands the creative possibilities of digital printing — making it possible to really wow your customers with creative and professional marketing pieces.

Jim Hamilton over at InfoTrends quickly demonstrated some of the amazing sample marketing pieces that are possible with the Pro 7100x and they truly are impressive.

A Powerful Tool for Turning Green Into Black

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According to a recent report released by Ernst & Young LLP and the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, sustainability reporting has emerged as a common practice of 21st-century business. Sustainability disclosure used to be performed by a few unusually green or community-oriented companies, but today it is a best practice employed by companies worldwide. This kind of disclosure of sustainability efforts can be a differentiator in competitive industries with benefits that include:

The Duplex Printing Conundrum

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By default, all Ricoh print drivers are configured to print duplex (2-sided). Changing that default setting to single-sided printing is such a common customer request that our Helpdesk team has gotten in the habit of creating custom print drivers for every client during the install prep process. We have reached the point where we assume every client wants single-sided printing, and provide it to avoid client frustration during the initial install.

Historically, HGi has viewed this as an example of the value we provide as the premier service organization in our area. I think we really do mean well, but I am not so sure this particular measure is in the absolute best interest of all customers. Yes, our clients by and large prefer to print single-sided. And yes, our job to is to give them what they need to do their job efficiently. I’m just not sure that if we looked closer we'd find we are making the most informed decision when overriding duplex settings.

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