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Copy Audit Touch

Copy Audit TouchCopy Audit Touch is a flexible and affordable copy tracking solution which will ensure that you recover 100% of your photocopying costs.

Copy Audit is the perfect cost recovery solution for law offices, architectural and engineering firms, real estate firms, educational institutions, advertising agencies and all other organizations interested in cost recovery.

Recover Costs

  • Track 100% of your walk-up photocopying costs.
  • Export collected data directly into any accounting system.
  • Utilize user quotas, PIN codes and validated fields.
  • Recapture additional costs with Copy Audit’s manual scan, fax and postal tracking capabilities.

Reduce Waste

  • Notify users of the cost or environmental impact of each job they produce, and suggest more efficient alternatives.
  • Limit jobs based on the user, pages, color usage and more.
  • Use limits to restrict copier usage based on the job cost, user, color use and more.

Contact us today to learn more about how Copy Audit can help you reduce and recover your copying costs.