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Effective document management systems implemented into your office can save time and that means increased profitability. Throughout our years serving Miami and West Palm Beach businesses, we have seen how our customers struggle to manage their document inventory. But this part of running an office doesn't have to be a struggle.

What is Document Management?

Document Management in Miami and West Palm BeachDocument Management Systems or (DMS) is a software-based strategy that is beneficial in storing, organizing, tracking, and securing files and data that can be easily searched and pulled when needed by authorized personnel.

Today, with files stored on chaotic network drives and local hard drives, in email attachments, as paper documents, in databases and external media like USB drives, it’s no wonder professionals spend up to 50% of their time looking for the right information. Time wasted looking for data that may or may not actually ever be found means wasted money.

HGi Technologies’ document management systems and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions can organize all the information you need to run your business while improving compliance and security, increasing productivity, and automating workflow – all without breaking the bank.

HGi’s Document Management Systems Help Miami & West Palm Beach Companies:

  • Convert Paper Files to Manageable Electronic Documents
  • Improve File Sharing and Collaboration
  • Increase Compliance and Security
  • Automate Workflow and Increase Productivity

Data Security

In today's office environment, security for your document data is as important as that data being organized efficiently. Our document management strategies allow you to control the storage and access of your in-house documents and who among your staff and see and use them. Data loss, security shortfalls, and network hacking news stories dominated the media in 2018. Unfortunately, 2019 will not be any different. That is why it's important to ensure that your stored files from document scanning are safe and you ensure that a system is in place that keeps track of everything. An office role-based user permissions feature lessons the legal implications of company documents that are compromised because of a lack of such protocols.

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