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  • The Ultimate Way to Process Invoices Faster

Streamline Your Invoice Processing with M-Files

For many companies the invoice processing scenario involves the common challenges of identifying who should review an invoice, who last reviewed it, and where it is (stuck) in the approval process. As a result, payments are delayed and suppliers are less than thrilled.

There is a better, simpler and more reliable approach.

By having all invoices reside in a centralized location that utilizes intelligent workflow capabilities, companies can substantially streamline their invoice processing. M-Files features a workflow template for invoice processing, which is a standalone solution that utilizes approval workflows, notifications based on metadata and dynamic views to categorize invoices by workflow status.

Workflows with M-Files

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Ensuring invoices are paid in a timely manner helps you maintain good relationships with your suppliers and vendors. M-Files enables you to automate and track the review and approval of invoices as well as other financial business processes.

Why Should Your Business Use M-Files?

  • Easy-to-use, familiar Windows interface
  • Fast implementation
  • Eliminates document chaos
  • Enables collaboration and automated workflow
  • Safe and secure
  • Location independent
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing apps
  • Customizable vault and metadata
  • Fast search and time saving dynamic views
  • Configurable, connectable system
M-files Access Everything Anywhere Anytime

Success Story

Consulting Firm in Southeast Europe Integrates M-Files ECM with ERP System to Expedite Invoice Processing

The rapid growth of Telelink, along with the size and scale of the projects it manages, was creating document management and workflow challenges for the company. In particular, the logistics and accounting departments are located in two separate offices, and after equipment was received and checked into the warehouse by the logistics staff, it often took several days for accounting to receive all of the associated documentation such as invoices and protocol reports.

Workflow & Productivity

Automate Workflow and Increase Productivity

Streamline business processes across organizations by eliminating skipped steps and bottlenecks. You can create required actions, pre and post conditions, and email notifications on any document.
Document Security

Increase Compliance and Security

Easily comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and ISO 9001. Automated back-up and archiving of documents, history logs and documented audit trails, and user access controls all make compliance and security a snap.
File Sharing & Collaboration

Improve File Sharing and Collaboration

Collaborate on documents no matter where they are stored and edit them with colleagues simultaneously in realtime. No more fear of overwriting changes or losing data, and no more fumbling with multiple outdated versions.

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