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Secure Your Valuable Business Data with M-Files

Storing your business assets in a centralized document repository is a smart idea that protects the corporate assets that support your business. HGi Technologies has partnered with M-Files to make it easy.

With a customized hybrid cloud deployment, your business can leverage your existing in-office technology while taking advantage of M-Files’ award-winning document management and enterprise content management solution running in a private or public cloud.

Success Story

Third Coast Terminals has deployed M-Files in a hybrid cloud environment for disaster recovery.

Third Coast Terminals generates and manages an extensive amount of information related to its petrochemical storage, containerization and shipping services. Much of the company’s financial management and billing documentation was in paper format, resulting in significant time spent scanning and copying documents as well as physically transporting files across the plant. In addition, Third Coast Terminals' electronic documents were managed in network folders, which made it difficult for staff to quickly locate the correct versions of the documents they needed.

Being located in the Gulf Coast region, Third Coast Terminals also required an information management solution that could provide disaster recovery capabilities and ensure vital content assets were protected in the event of a hurricane or other potentially catastrophic situations that could place the company's important documents and other information at risk, such as a fire or a system or hardware failure.

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Why Should Your Business Use M-Files?

  • Easy-to-use, familiar Windows interface
  • Fast implementation
  • Eliminates document chaos
  • Enables collaboration and automated workflow
  • Safe and secure
  • Location independent
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing apps
  • Customizable vault and metadata
  • Fast search and time saving dynamic views
  • Configurable, connectable system
M-files Access Everything Anywhere Anytime
Workflow & Productivity

Automate Workflow and Increase Productivity

Streamline business processes across organizations by eliminating skipped steps and bottlenecks. You can create required actions, pre and post conditions, and email notifications on any document.
Document Security

Increase Compliance and Security

Easily comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and ISO 9001. Automated back-up and archiving of documents, history logs and documented audit trails, and user access controls all make compliance and security a snap.
File Sharing & Collaboration

Improve File Sharing and Collaboration

Collaborate on documents no matter where they are stored and edit them with colleagues simultaneously in realtime. No more fear of overwriting changes or losing data, and no more fumbling with multiple outdated versions.

Limited Time Offer: Get a 1-Hour Assessment with our Consultants to Discuss the Right Fit for Your Business!