How to Cut Print Costs in the Office

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Did you know that your company can save up to 30% by taking action toward finding more print savings?

It's true – office print environments can be a sinkhole for excess costs, and the best way to get ahead is to team up with professionals to find all the holes.

You can identify inefficiencies, unnecessary costs, inflated charges, and excess printing, which will equal print savings of anywhere from 10-30%. Are you in?

Managed Print and Savings

The way to make these changes is by investing in a service called managed print. This may be a new concept, but it's helping offices nationwide reduce excess printing costs and increase productivity and sustainability.

Savings on print is leveraged by investing in managed print services. Managed print includes working with a team of professionals to evaluate your current print environment and print costs, understanding where it can be improved, and then helping you implement those changes in your office.

The Breakdown

Managed print creates savings by finding office print issues that easily create expensive print issues.

These can include:

  • Personal desk printers
  • Untracked print volumes
  • Open print access
  • Excess print costs that go unmeasured

Any of these print habits can create costly expenses throughout your company. Usually, they are under the radar and go unnoticed, or they are so ingrained in daily operations that no one questions if it makes sense.

Managed print will bring in a professional eye to recognize where print is necessary, and where it may be dragging your business down.

Reduce Print Spending Today

Your print spending will drop a noticeable amount once you implement managed print. The service finds efficiencies that have been costing your company money for years. Get started now.