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Study Reveals: 83% of Companies are Mismanaging Information

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you: Important files and business information are stored in file cabinets (or worse, in several employees’ heads). Employees have to look in multiple places to find documents they need — and sometimes aren’t able to access those documents at all. It’s often difficult or impossible to communicate and […]

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Choose the Right Music for the Office

How to Choose the Right Music for the Office

Many people listen to music at work. Whether it’s to block out background noise, jump start creativity, or stay motivated while collating, music helps you get things done. But did you know that not all music is created equal when it comes to workplace productivity? Your brain responds differently to different kinds of music — making some tasks […]

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Increase Revenue

A Powerful Way to Increase Your Company’s Revenue

Recently, IDC conducted a study on behalf of Ricoh that found something remarkable — companies with real information mobility earn, on average, $7,210 in revenue annually per employee and realize $16,027 per employee annually in increased productivity. IDC asked detailed questions about the value their businesses experienced as a result of implementing several technology initiatives […]

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How Efficient is Your Accounts Payable Department

How Efficient is Your Accounts Payable Department?

Paying bills are a business necessity. However, many small to medium-sized businesses lack the resources to create an electronic Accounts Payable (AP) workflow that helps conserve cash, enables staff to focus on revenue-generating activities and ensures timely payments. How would your AP department answer the following questions: Can you track invoices in your system from […]

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