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3 Simple Changes for Improved Productivity

Do you have a sinking feeling that your office isn’t nearly as productive as it should be? Do you know what’s standing in your way? For many organizations, a few seemingly simple changes could be all that’s required to bring about some revolutionary changes. Implement Simple Changes You don’t need to reorganize your entire company […]

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Why Your HR Department Must Eliminate Paper

A recent M-Files study revealed that while businesses have access to electronic workflow solutions, paper is still present in the office. Knowledge workers still print documents unnecessarily, and the problem is exacerbated when business leaders fail to implement organization-wide electronic solutions for approvals and signatures. For your organization’s Human Resources department, failure to implement digital […]

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4 Critical M-Files Mobile Workflow Solutions Benefits

If you’ve enabled a document management system and have embraced process automation, you’re on the right track. You’ve eliminated the slow-downs associated with paper-processes and desktop file storage and replaced them with incredible new efficiencies. There’s one more thing your organization needs to be truly agile. M-Files Mobile workflow solutions can take your productivity improvements […]

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Overwhelmed by Information?

In today’s information-saturated digital landscape, it seems impossible that business leaders and knowledge workers often feel as though they’re still in the dark. More than half of the information you may be seeking falls into “dark data” categories, so there’s little wonder you’re spending more and more time searching for it. Identifying the Challenges Here’s […]

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3 Benefits of Repository-Neutral Mobile Workflow Solutions from M-Files

The push to adopt digital processes is ongoing. With more businesses leveraging digital technology to reap the benefits of a mobile workforce, the need for robust mobile workflow solutions is greater than ever. Addressing the Chaos You’re bombarded with digital information daily, both at work and in your personal life. If you’re expecting relief, don’t […]

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