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Audits Made Easy – 5 Powerful Ways to Increase Compliance and Decrease Stress

The week of December 28th brings stress in all ways, shapes, and forms. Most are dealing with the stress of the holidays — hosting family, sweating over the stove, deciding on new year’s resolutions are just a few examples of year-end chaos. However, there is a particular kind of stress certain professionals have during this […]

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How to Use the Power of Hyper-Personalization in Print Marketing

Marketing departments, CMOs, and ad agencies are always looking for ways to keep consumers engaged with their products and brands. One crucial aspect of building meaningful relationships with customers is developing highly personalized communication that speaks to each individual customer or prospect. Using hyper-personalization in your print marketing campaigns takes into consideration consumers’ very different needs […]

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Huddle Room Solutions

Transform Your Huddle Room Into a Productive Meeting Space

Inspired by the dynamic collaboration and decision making that can happen on a football field, huddle rooms have emerged as important meeting spaces in the new world of work. Smaller than typical, more formal conference rooms, huddle rooms are used by small teams of professionals to collaborate on projects, and communicate with remote employees and […]

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Study Reveals: 83% of Companies are Mismanaging Information

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you: Important files and business information are stored in file cabinets (or worse, in several employees’ heads). Employees have to look in multiple places to find documents they need — and sometimes aren’t able to access those documents at all. It’s often difficult or impossible to communicate and […]

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